Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer

Our Family Photographer
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Friday, May 7, 2010's been two weeks

since I last posted. Well, nearly two weeks anyway. Last Saturday we went to the zoo unexpectedly. A friend offered us free tickets that were only good for that day. So, off we headed. Much fun was had by all. There was a bit of a safety fair going on so in addition to getting to see all the animals, we also learned about safety. bike safety. gun safety. fire safety. 9-1-1 safety. accident safety. car safety. You get the idea. There were 10 different 'stations' set up where we would stop to learn about something and then get a stamp on a paper. At the end, the kids each received a bag full of goodies donated by different places (think rubber bracelet for bike safety, coloring book from the fire station etc.) Plus most of the animals were pretty active. Except the lions. They are never active. They just sit on their rocks and watch the people parade.
Tonight is fathers and sons. For those who are unfamiliar, this is a time honored ritual where fathers take their sons out and let them sleep in the dirt, eat fire roasted marshmallows and just be manly men. This would be a lot more exciting to me if two year old girls could go to. Trust me, she would love it. D was trying to come up with ideas to smuggle her in, but decided her long hair was too obvious.
Today I went to lunch with a friend. We go every once in a while. (haha, last time I only had 2 kids....just to give you an idea of how frequently we go...) A couple of weeks ago, Roy introduced me to a little delicacy called Thai food. Oh how I love it. Today I had "Ugly Jungle Noodles". Don't be put off by the name. DEEELISH. Last time, Pad Thai. SO GOOD. Seriously, if you haven't had the pleasure of Thai food, GO GET SOME. Uh, but start with the mild unless you're one of those crazies who can eat jalapeno seeds like candy. Then feel free to start whereever you like.
It might rain. Which could put a serious damper on the whole fathers and sons thing. (haha, damp-er, get it? I don't even plan these things!) Which reminds me of one MISERABLE girl's camp experience. Thankfully we were in Oak City canyon and could be rescued. Still, my scriptures have never been the same.
A is growing like a weed. She now has 6 (!) teeth. Four on top and two on bottom. It's cute but kind of sad too. The toothy grins of a baby growing teeth are adorable. But so are the toothless grins of an infant. A can stand up at the train table now. She can get virtually anywhere she wants. (Except downstairs. She refuses to learn how to go down the stairs!)
D needs a dentist appointment. Our bishop just happens to be a pediatric dentist. I'm hoping since D already knows him, this will cut down on the intense screaming and thrashing about. Or, it could just be that we will have to sell this house and move after D's dental visit. We'll see.
K....*sigh*....K....That girl is the funniest, sweetest little trial anyone could ever ask for. As Roy points out, she will owe us a BIG apology when she grows up. For now, I just sigh and unplug the toilet. Or sigh and wrench open the drawer she broke. Or sigh and take away the dental floss, again.
My camera is a piece of you know what. I really do need to replace it but I just keep putting it off. I also need to mop my floors squirt bottle.
Uh, my stream of conscienceness is running out. But I think I hear A waking up anyway. So, see you in a couple more weeks?
(Just kidding Macey. I'll try to be more regular. I promise. . . . . maybe.. . . or not . . . . .uhhhh.. . . maybe)

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Macey said...

It's about time. I was getting a little concerned by my lack of reading material. We miss you guys. Thanks for letting us be a part of your life through the written word. Love you.