Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer

Our Family Photographer
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Monday, October 28, 2013

Trunk R Treat

It was Trunk R Treat at K's school tonight.  This is definitely on the list of "approved PTA" events at our house ;)
It is the kick-off event for our Halloween week.  We have a church Trunk R Treat on Wednesday as well as Trick or Treating on Halloween.  A lot of fun stuff for kids to look forward to!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Primary Program

The primary has been learning and practicing new songs all year and today was the day they presented their program in Sacrament meeting.  This is A's first year to participate.  All the kids had a little part they memorized.  We've had a few rough experiences with primary programs in the past so we've been practicing their parts a lot in our family.  One perk to having Roy in the Bishopric is that we have keys so we can get into the church whenever so we've taken the kids up to practice their parts in the microphone quite a few times.
Grandma and Grandpa Bishop and Uncle Rick were able to be here this weekend so they got to see the program too.
I was so proud of all my kids!  All three of them did such a tremendous job.  They were all singing when it was time for them to sing.  They all did their talks clearly and boldly into the microphone without any prompting from the adult leaders.  There was one song where D was bouncing his notes when it was a holding note.  You wouldn't think anyone would notice but it was pretty loud.  I could hear it near the back where we were sitting.  Particularly I was proud of A.  She can sometimes be a bit shy but I saw her up there singing all the words for all the songs.  When she got up to say her part, the microphone wasn't adjusted correctly so the leaders asked her to say her part again which she did without a problem.  Really, I don't think it could have been better.  Those three kids are just such great kids!
Before the program the primary president emailed asking for comments from each kid about what they loved about their primary teachers.  This is the email I sent back after talking to the kids.

These are the answers I got from the kids.  I know they love their primary teachers.  They like to share things they learn and talk about what their teachers say.  As a parent, I am profoundly grateful for good primary teachers.  I appreciate their preparation and the love they show my kids.  Their primary teachers are an important part of their lives.  I'm grateful for you too and all the behind the scene stuff that goes on to make the primary run so well.
A: "We get marshmallows like everyday. Sometimes they bring toys we can play with like blocks and stuff.  They bring snacks everyday."
K: "Everyday they bring snacks.  Sometimes Sister Pabst lets me play on her phone.  They make me feel happy."
D: "I like how Brother Horrocks brings gummi bears.  Brother Horrocks has a sense of humor.  Brother Simmons makes me happy because he tells lots of stories that have to do with the lessons."
Thank you for all you do!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch with Grandpa and Grandma Bishop and Uncle Rick.  Sadly none of them made it into my pictures. But I sure do have some cute kids!
They really loved the corn maze.  There were clue cards with questions you could use for directions along the way. It was helpful to feel like you might find your way out before Thanksgiving.
There were approximately 400 of these photo booth opportunity around and the kids tried to make good use of all of them!
There was quite a bit of yelling, chasing and laughing going on in that maze.
Another photo op.
The girls checking out a few of the animals on the farm.
Kings of the Hay Pyramid
Such a patient little trooper but he's ready to go.
Another photo op.
Sweet mother of pearl another one...
We had to find the perfect pumpkins.
We told the kids they could have any pumpkin they could carry.  A was good with it because she wanted a small pumpkin.  K was determined to find the biggest pumpkin in the field.  Luck for her Uncle Rick took pity and helped her carry her pumpkin.  Otherwise she'd be there until Christmas trying to cart that baby home.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

A's Ballet Class

A's been having a little ballet class with some of her friends.  My friend Laura has organized this class in her garage and found a woman and her two daughters to teach for a 5 week session.  A's been loving it! She's been learning real ballet moves as well as classics like "I'm a Little Teapot".  
They did a performance today.  It was absolutely adorable!  They do this warm up that is my favorite thing to watch.  They start out with their legs extended and arms outstretched, like an open flower.  They look to the left and to the right then curl up real quick when they "see the bear".  Then they slowly extend their legs and arms and do it all over again.  It is so cute! 

I feel very fortunate that there are so many sweet, good little girls A's age around us.  

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fundraising Rant *Updated*

Kids are young and impressionable.  I think this is common knowledge and should come as a shock to no one.  K is particularly excitable.  Imagine if you will and cute, bubbly, little 6 year old racing off the school bus, bounding up the stairs and throwing the door open.  Her first words, "Mom! Guess who came to our school today?"  Of course I'm interested and excited to hear about her day.  "Who?"  Now imagine the feeling of dread at her next words, "Chuck E. Cheese!!"
Of all the. . . you have got to be kidding me!
I knew there was a Chuck E. Cheese fundraiser night coming up.  I'd seen it on the calendar.  I also knew there was no way in he-doublehockeysticks we would be attending fundraiser night.  I'd hoped we could quietly pass by with naught but a sticker reminder on her shirt.  But no.  The school had a giant mouse visit each classroom and hi-5 each kid.  He handed out stickers for "10 free tokens! Free!" to each child and ensured that every child would bounce home to immediately beg to go to Chuck E. Cheese.
These types of things are never an issue with D.  He is practical enough or else jaded enough to know we will not be going to Chuck E. Cheese just because a man in a mouse suit gave him a sticker.  K is quite the opposite.  The mouse came and gave her a sticker.  She is going to eat greasy pizza and play arcade games tonight.
I felt like the consummate villain when I had to break her heart and inform her that we were not actually going to be going to Chuck E. Cheese.  Her entire countenance crumpled along with her body as she hit the floor to hide behind her backpack so I wouldn't see her crying.  Crushed is a good word.
Now I have to be careful because I have friends on the PTA, I like the PTA, I try to support the PTA where I can and feel like I should but I'm not on the PTA.  I have four kids - two who are school aged and attend different schools, one in preschool and a nursing infant.  I have a busy husband who gone more than home in the evenings.  I'm not complaining, just explaining why I feel unable to serve on the PTA right now and only serve by helping where I can (which seems like even less when you divide it in 2).   However, I take issue with such pointed marketing to a captive, underage, impressionable audience.  As if the sales packet they bring home encouraging them to earn cool prizes by selling stuff to their neighbors (who all have students in the school) and family members (who all live 1,000 miles or more away) aren't bad enough, we are now bringing in cartoon characters to encourage parents to spend money to "support our school".
 I support my school by participating in events, pay my taxes, helping in the classroom.  If my student's teacher needs something, ask.  Chances are I will provide (unless you are asking for something insanely expensive).  But please don't tell my kid they are going to Chuck E. Cheese and all her friends will be there. This just makes me want to break something -- besides my child's heart.

I heard from my friend in the PTA that Mr. Cheese did not actually enter the school.  Rather he was outside giving hi-5's when the kids walked to the buses and such.  This is much better than personal visits to each classroom!  Still a giant mouse trying to convince my kid to convince me to spend money on crappy food and games.  But at least he didn't use class time to do it.
Also, I really do understand that fundraisers are necessary.  I just hate them. And I don't believe I'm in the minority.  So, necessary? Yes.  Chuck E Cheese? NO  And I think I'm just going to start sending the money directly to the PTA instead of buying a payback book that we never use or cookie dough that is meh good anyway.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Free Lunch

So K started all day school this year.  Since she eats lunch at school I send her with a lunchbox filled with yummy and nutritious things for her to eat.  About 5 days into school she came home with a note from the lunchroom saying she owed $1.75 for lunch.  I asked K what she had for lunch.  Her response?
"I had lunch at school.  It is free!  All I do is push my number on the keys and they let me eat!"

We have had a good laugh over K's "free" lunch several times since then.  Oh, and we have had several discussions about what it means to have a lunch account and what happens when you "just put in" your number!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Funny Stories

These are some funny things the girls did/said this summer but I never quite got around to posting them.

We were playing in the backyard on afternoon.  K came up to show me some spots of dry skin on her leg.  I told her they were her leopard spots coming out.  (She is in a leopard stage right now and would love to be a leopard when she grows up.)  My friend was over and we gave her a hard time about growing a tail next.  We were all laughing.  The day moved on and before you know it it's bedtime.  I went in to tuck K into bed.  I asked her what she was thinking about.  She said, "I'm just thinking about when I'll be a leopard."
Me: "Uh, K you know you won't actually be a leopard, right?"
K: "Yes I will.  My leopard spots are growing."
Me: *facepalm*

K is boy crazy.  Every time I turn around she got a new mate picked out.  I frequently hear things like, "He's so cute.  I'm going to marry him."  During our family reunion this summer K met her cousin Miles.  He's also 6.  She ran around playing and chasing all the boys but she took an extra liking to Miles.  "Mom, what's the name of the boy who's 6?" (She could not remember his name.)
"Yeah.  I think I'm falling in love with him."

A asked me out of the blue at breakfast one day, "Mom, how old is dad?"
A (totally nonchalant) "Wow.  He's about to die."

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Baby C: September Pictures

He fell asleep on the floor with his finger stuck in his binky.  Isn't that precious? ;)

Eating peaches in his food strainer.

Doesn't A look ready for a 1980's dance video?
Trying out the "new" (to us- we're borrowing it) Bumbo.

Baby C: 7 months

Man! Seven months old already?
  • Still so doggone smiley!  Someone asked me this month if he ever cries.  Well, yes.  Yes he definitely does but he is probably one of the happiest creatures on this planet.
  • Loves to eat his solid foods.  So far little man has enjoyed the such fine delicacies as carrots, butternut squash, peas, green beans, peas, pears, peaches, oatmeal, rice, kidney beans, bananas, applesauce, and sweet potatoes.
  • Beginning language skills like pairing vowel and consonant sounds such as "ba-ba-ba" "bla-da" "bwa-baw"
  • Growls while eating.  When I'm feeding him solids, he growls between bites like a little tiger waiting for his next bite.
  • Has definitely mastered rolling over and around and hither and yon.
  • Excellent hand to mouth coordination and reaching to grab things to bring into his mouth.
  • Very social but definitely a momma's boy.
  • We've had a little revertion in the sleeping through the night issue but a couple of nights ago I let him cry himself to sleep.  (Mostly because I was sick and exhausted and had to go to bed.)  He screamed like a banshee until he fell asleep and slept through the night.  Last night I put him down drowsy but awake -- not a peep for 9 hours.  Hopefully we're getting back up to speed here.
  • Defninitely having some constipation issues -- like everyday.  I'm trying to increase his pear intake to help and thinking of adding in a few ounces of prune juice a day.
  • We just love having this delightful little guy around all the time!