Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer

Our Family Photographer
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Thursday, May 31, 2012

All I want!

I told Roy tonight what I want for my birthday:  Everyone in this house to use the toilet at the proper time and in the proper way!
We spent at week at Grandma's house and A had 0 accidents.  Not even at night!  We get home and in the last two days she's peed in her pants probably 5-6 times!
K is reverting back to her old ways (see here and here and also here) which is getting unbearably old since she's nearly 5.  Tonight's stand off ended with a plastic glove and a dollop of KY.  I want to pull my hair out.
I taught preschool today and even had a little-boy/water-hose effect in the bathroom.  
Does it seem to much to ask for that I not have to deal with other's output for at least 24 hours -- or the rest of their lives... that would be best!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

First time

I ran my first 5K this morning!  It was a very low key affair but still fun.  The weather didn't cooperate too much but it could have also been much worse.  There was a wind and it rained part of the time.  But it didn't rain hard and the wind was mild compared to the treebending wind we had yesterday!  I ran with my mom most of the time.  It was fun to do it together.  I'd love to do it again.  My time? 35:55.  Not bad for a first time and for training last week....

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pent up energy

Yesterday I woke up at 5 a.m.  That right there is worth a blog post since I NEVER get up that early.  Anyway.  I got ready and the kiddos loaded and we headed off to Utah.  My kids rock, by the way.  I drove from Portland OR to Boise ID.  NONSTOP.  That's over 400 miles of driving.  7 Hours!  Yeah.  Told you my kids rock.
In Boise, we gassed up, ate a sandwich in Subway then hopped back on the freeway until Brigham City UT.  We stopped there for a while playing at a park and eating ice cream cones.  By a while I mean an hour or so.   Then we drove the rest of the way to Grandma and Grandpa's house.
Total Stats:
Google Maps = 900 miles - 15 hour trip
Our Time = 900 miles - 15.5 hour trip.  With three kids.  They are such good little travelers.  Honestly, I needed more stopping than they did!

So far today the girls have painted, jumped on the tramp, played on the swingset, played with Barbies and baby dolls.  A rode her bike and is reading books.  D has built and played with and picked up the Matchbox car track, train tracks, plastic kid version of an erector set and is now setting up the Big Big Loader track.  Have I mentioned that is is not even 11 a.m.?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why drowsy blogging is bad:

Tonight I made Mexican style sweet pork.  If you haven't tried one of the many recipes for sweet pork around the internetland I think you'd better.  If you want a recommendation try the one from Our Best Bites.  Which I just looked on the website and it's not there so get the cookbook.  I put it on a leafy bed (sounds better than a pile of lettuce) and complimented it with fresh pico de gallo and black bean, mango salsa (which is basically mango, onion, black beans and avocado with a bit of a sauce - also in OBB cookbook).  Oh.My.Heavenly.Salad.  With fried tortilla strips thrown in for good measure and crunch.  I'll be having that for lunch tomorrow to thankyouverymuch.  Naturally, since it is such a divine mixture, the kids hardly ate anything.
On the hurt-so-good front, yeah.  I do.  Hurt I mean.  The good part is a bit ambiguous at the moment.  I'll let you know.  So my mom saw on the fitness blog that I also never post on that I had started a couch-2-5k program.  I said it in January.  No one should believe any fitness item posted in January.  Anyway, she hooked me up to run a 5k when I'm down visiting over Memorial Day weekend.  It will be with my mom, sil and brother.  So I have taken to training.  As in, a 5k on the treadmill and walking at night yesterday; 60 min step class and a mile on the treadmill today.  Tomorrow I tackle Zumba.  Tonight I convalesce.
D's best talking time is when he is in bed.  He will get going on stories and talking while he's laying in bed.  I'm not sure if it is because he is relaxed and ready to open up or if he just doesn't want to go to sleep.
A is potty training.  Sort of.  She's been alternating between big kid and baby for a few weeks but the last few days have been solid big kid days with only about 2 accidents a day.  Still, she's having 2 ACCIDENTS A DAY.  I am dying for her to potty train so I can shampoo every carpet in my house.  Oh, and she didn't want to put on a diaper for bed tonight because she's a "big kid" so I'll be doing that after she goes to sleep.  Unless I fall asleep first in which case I'll be washing her sheets in the morning.  Speaking of laundry, did I mention how many clothes we are currently going through?  Imagine, girls who change multiple times a day anyway plus 2 accidents a day.  No wonder I have a pile of laundry to fold that's bigger than my bed.  Roy wants my mom to come back because she folded all his laundry while she was here.  I say the kids are breathing, dinner was served and cleaned up and nobody got hurt in the process.  He should be grateful for what he's got right?  I mean folding laundry too?!  What do you people want from me?
huh.  I'm so tired.  Clearly.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Random Dump- Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

What everyone is doing right now:
A taking a Sunday nap; D reading a book; Roy making ice cream "for Mother's Day"; 
K playing in the sandbox and swimming pool wearing nothing but her skivvies.
Only now since I started the photo editing and typing everything has changed.  I'm typing with A snuggled up next to me on my bed.  K is searching the house for a very specific pair of shorts.  D is playing in the water and Roy is emptying the dishwasher.  Today rocks!

K was playing with a long piece of grassweed.  Why we get that girl toys is beyond me.  Anyway, it broke and I said, "Aww, it broke."  K looked at one in each hand for a minute before saying, "Yea! Two grass friends!"

Roy got home from work last Thursday and asked the greeting committee (greeting committee: small people who rush out to greet daddy as soon as his car is heard) where A was.  D responded, "She's asleep in the kitchen."  Roy thought he as kidding.
Guess not.

K has taken to sleeping in a box.  I don't know why.  Why do we get this girl toys or a bed?  Anyway, these are two different nights.
Looks comfortable right?  Yeah.  I don't think so either.

K's new favorite joke:  "Knock - Knock"   Anyone else who will listen: "Who's there?"  K: "Haha, I get it.  There's a snake in my boot."  In case you haven't watched Toy Story 2 500 times, that's where the last line of her joke comes from.  

April 14 we went to a Reptile Man show.  The kids were enthralled.  I thought it was pretty cool but I was on the edge of my seat with my adrenaline pumping.  Especially when the reptile handler kept "hooding" the cobra right. in. front. of. my. kids.
Less startling now.  I was concentrating on staying in my chair and telling K to hold still when the Cobra was actually right in front of them.  The handler told the kids to hold still because sudden movement startles it.  So naturally K was wiggling like a new puppy!
Viper and Cranky Child.  Hard to know which is the more menacing of the  two.
Rattlesnake with a rattle that wouldn't stop.
Holding a snake.  The girls LOVED IT.  They kept trying to go back for more.
Petting an alligator.  Pretty sure K wants one of these now.
K and A have gotten to be pretty good friends.  It's about time.  Here they are one Sunday morning having a brunch with their animals.  So cute.

I love Mother's Day.  The only day of the year when I can hide out in my room typing on my blog while Roy takes care of the kids, cleans the kitchen, makes bread and dinner and entertains a dinner guest.  Suh-weet!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Take your child to work day

March 26 was take your kid to work day.  D was so excited to go to work with his daddy.  Roy's work does a really great program where people volunteer to take a kid and mentor them in the morning.  So D spent the morning doing odd jobs like recycling and getting mail ready to go.  He was a great helper.  We got really positive feedback about him.  The firm provided lunch for the parents and kids.  Then after lunch the office manager took all the kids on a field trip to the courthouse.  D finished up they day reading in Roy's office until Roy was ready to come home.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Catch-up dump style

Oh dear.  My poor, sad, pathetic, neglected blog.  I have been missing you.  I still think up posts in my head.  I've said it before but I need a brain to blog transmitter.  Other than my fingers and a keyboard, I mean.  Something more instant.  Of course, that could lead to some blogger remorse....

So what have I been up to lately?  I fell down a dark hole of Super Saturday YW Fundraising.  I slowly clawed my way out to stumble upon a rabbit hole to youth conference.  It's good.  I love working with the youth but it does take time.  The irony here is that my calling has changed and I actually don't serve in the young women's program anymore.  This is only the 3rd calling I've had since I got married (9 1/2 years ago!) that is not in young women's.  I did a brief stint- about 8 months- as a primary teacher, 1 year as a provident living specialist and another 8 months as a Sunday school teacher for the 14-15 year olds.  Now?  Relief Society Instructor.  It's kind of intimidating.

My mom came up for a week, which was fun.  Actually it was a lifesaver because it was the week of Super Saturday.  She ran errands with me and played with the kids while I dealt with other stuff.  We always enjoy having grandparents come visit.

A has been flip-flopping between "baby" and "big kid".  Some days she wants to wear underwear and try her hand at being potty trained an other days, "me a baby."  I am loving her toddler caveman talk right now.  I know she will grow out of it so I'm not too worried about correcting her grammar.  She always refers to herself as "me".  "Me a big kid"  "Me no like that"  "Me hungee"  Honestly, it is adorable.

K is registered for Kindergarten.  This is a big step and we're both very excited about it.  She would start today if they would let her!  She thinks she is getting so big.  It is actually causing a few problems because she thinks she can ride her bike alone like D does.  She is almost 5 now.  That's practically full grown in her mind!

D is plodding along through school.  He still loves it but is starting to feel ready for summer break.  He knows he gets to spend some time visiting both sets of grandparents this summer and he is ready to get started.  Too bad he still has almost 2 months of school!  He's been working on fractions, basic geometry and some introduction to algebra.  He loves math.  But since they talked about algebra he will ask me questions like, "Mom, what's T+B?"  When I respond I don't know, he will answer with another random letter from the alphabet.  Oh, riiiight.  I totally should have known that.

Roy is thriving in his calling as Elder's Quorum Pres.  He loves visiting the members of our ward in their homes.  He's always love to talk to people and has a talent for asking awkward questions in non-awkward ways.  I really think this is a great fit for him.  Of course, he's tired a lot and feels like he never has time to himself but I suppose that's par for the course.  Work is good too.  Again, he fits as a lawyer.

Well, after typing this all out, I think I'll copy and paste it into a letter for my missionary brother.  Cuz he hasn't heard from me much either!

BTW, my middle younger brother is graduating tomorrow as an auto mechanic.  Woot-woot!  Oh yeah!