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Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Health Insurance Update

Yea! I just called and we have health insurance for October. Whew.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Health Insurance

I have been trying for three months to get health insurance. This morning I had a conversation with a rep that pretty much sums up my experience with ANY health insurance person/company.
Background: We sent in an application THREE weeks ago for KP. When I say application, I mean books. We, really I, had to complete a 40 page book for. each. person. Even the baby. Yea. Anway, I called to check the status and found that it still hasn't been received. If not received by the 22 (today) we miss the deadline to have insurance for next month. Again. So after being on hold, I finally get a real live person.

Rep: *very bored, grumpy tone* ThankyouforcallingkpthisisasjklhowcanIhelpyou.
Me: Yes, I mailed my application over two weeks ago and it still hasn't been received.
Rep: So how can I help you?
Me: ummm, Well, why hasn't it been received.
Rep: Oh, it hasn't been received.
Me: Right.
Rep: *still bored,grumpy tone* Well, you probably didn't submit, you started filling it out and didn't click the submit button.
Me: Uh, actually I MAILED it. I can't apply online.
Rep: Let me do some checking.
**Exchange of personal info**Confirmation that I am indeed not in the computer.**
Me: So what do I do? I need insurance for October, I mailed it three weeks ago in your little postage paid envelope thingy. I've already been pushed back a month because I can't apply online and the mailed version didn't arrive in time.
Rep: It just has to be received by today, why don't you go online and apply.
Me: *frustrated sigh* (cuz, duh why didn't I think of that) I can't apply online. I've already done this. I've talked to tech support, I been that route and I can't do it because I'm in Washington.
Rep: Where did you go?
Rep: Did you register? Did you click the button?
seriously could it be that easy. i mean really, why didn't i think of that only 700 times
while I am filling out your ginormus amount of paperwork. obviously i must be the
idiot you think i am.
Me: I have tried it all. Really. I can't apply online because I'm in Washington. All I can do is open a PDF file to print.
like I'm going to print 40 pages per person on my printer that has to be manually fed
every single piece of paper.
at this point she keeps talking over me and asking me all about applying online like I am
some sort of imbicle who can't figure out their website. she was really not hiding how she
felt at all.
Rep: Would you like me to help you?
Me: *resigned to do this again* Sure.
Rep: Go to wow, same gosh-darn website as every. other. time.
Enter your zipcode yup
Click on the "How to apply" button whoa, really. whooda thunk it? why didn't I ever
think of that
Now just scroll down here....*silence*....Let me see .... *more silence*....Well .... uh..... it looks like.....Let me just check this....... *more silence*..... Ah, yes, I see you can't apply online because you are in Washington.
Me: silence (wow, really, no kidding, you mean I actually knew what I was talking about. Get outta town. Whoa.)
Rep: Well, your application has to be entered by today. It all has to be entered manually (because you didn't apply online) so it could take a while. Someone could be working on it. You could check back later in the week because if someone enters it the date would still be the date they began working on it.
Translation: I can't/won't do anything for you. Good luck Bozo.
Me: Thank you. Bye.

So why don't I go with Roy's work insurance? Because it costs at least $200 more a month depending on the plan. $700 a month is a heckva lot to pay for basic-not-that-great health insurance. At least it is to me.
I have done a ton of research and this is the best insurance for the money we can spend. However, I'm about to head back to the research board because if it's this hard to apply, how hard will it be to get a claim covered?!


So, we totally watch edited movies. Yup. We're that kind of folk. Anyway, I have a 50% off coupon to this website. I can use it as many times as I want between now and Wednesday. I am calling all of you (the whole 4-5 who read this) to comment with some of your favorite movies. I want some ideas of some movies we might like. Don't worry, there'll be no judging from this quarter. I'm too busy repenting for all my mistakes, weakness and general repentance needs to worry about anyone elses. seriously.
Comment will your ideas. Also, if you check out the site and want to get a few movies yourself, I would be happy to pass the 50% off code on. It's only good until Wednesday though so browse quickly.
Did I mention you should comment. now. with some good movie suggestions. now. COMMENT!! You can do it...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The blog book

I am persuaded to enter a submission into a blog book. It is for a good cause or you can best be sure I would not do this. Anyway, to check out the rules go here. To check out the cause go here. There are lots of ways to help if you want. For those of you who are dying of curiosity, I will be submitting the one and only funny blog I have ever written, the Bike Ride one.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Random Stuff

I'm wasting some time in the blogging universe.
Check out this link:
Who's your friend?

After watching that (ZAP!!) there was a knock at my door. When I opened it there were (or was?) the missionaries. Super. Don't get me wrong, I like the Elders. But all I can think is how I haven't brushed my teeth; not wearing a bra; haven't brushed my hair; Jesus is a friend of mine. Welcome Elders!

Anyway, they just tracked right into us. Now they know where we live. It's good too because we're supposed to feed them next Monday.

Well, hope you get a laugh from the music. Maybe I'll go brush my teeth now. Maybe.

Friday, September 12, 2008

THE Birthday

Last week was D's fourth birthday and I am now finally getting around to writing about it. When planning for the party, I admit some minor depression and 'homesickness' for my previous place of living. I couldn't help but thinking about who we could have invited if. . .
During a brainstorming session, I happened upon the brilliant idea of inviting D's primary class. True, I didn't know any of the kids in his class. True, I didn't know any of the parents of the kids in his class. True, I still can't remember his primary teacher's name. I wasn't about to let that stop me. On the Sunday before his Bday, I asked D's primary teacher (what is her name?) for a list of the kids in his class. Fortunately two of the four kids were in class! YEA! I was standing there when the parents dropped the kids off so I also knew who the parents were! DOUBLE YEA!! Now I had to work up the courage to talk to these complete strangers. Long story short, I talked to said strangers and they were actually nice. They didn't kick me in the shin and run away or anything!
During the week we made party invites and delivered them to the homes of all four primary friends and one other friend who is just young enough to still be in nursery and someone from Roy's work who invited us to his daughter's bday party last summer when D and I were visiting Roy (pre-K). Wahoo, 6 friends and untold siblings. After all it is quantity we are shooting for, right?
D wanted a firetruck birthday cake so this translates into a firetruck birthday party. Luckily, there is a park in town that was built by a fire chief in memory of his daughter (she drowned). Not lucky that this poor family lost a daughter but lucky he was a fire chief and built a park that has a FIRETRUCK PLAY STRUCTURE! How perfect to fit into the firetruck theme and I don't have to do anything extra! Except of course make a firetruck birthday cake.

Okay, so clearly I'm no Martha Stewart, but the cake was received well.

So, anyway. We met at the park. I had already heard from two parents saying they wouldn't be able to make it. *sigh* When we arrived there were no friends waiting for us. Mind you, I had planned it this way and arrived early, but still. . . After a couple of minutes the first of the crowd arrived. Yea, the rush was sure to come. . . any second now. . . . .

Maybe now . . . . .


Finally, another friend arrived with a sister! Yes! (Oh, did I mention that ALL the kids in D's primary class are girls?) We offically have three guests! The count did make it up to four, sort of. A 9 year old sister came after school got out. This was great news for me because she just happened to love little one-year-old-wiggly-pain-in-the-neck-when-you're-trying-to-take-pictures-and-cut-cake-and, well you get the idea.The kids played at the park, ate cake and ice cream, played at the park some more, ran around while I tried to discuss fire safety, played at the park, opened presents and played at the park. All in all a very rewarding experience.
And the treat bags you ask? Well, two days before the party was to take place we went to our local fire department and asked if they had anything they gave out to kids for such events. We came away with plastic fireman hats, bags, badge stickers, a coloring book and a fire saftey ribbon. I bought some red and white helium filled balloons and sent each child home with one. Oh, and a couple of Smarties to help them remember to be smart around fire. (Am I clever or what?!)
Really, everyone had fun and we got to make some new friends. A successful party.

BTW we did a family party at home that night. D wanted a train cake. He got a train cake but no train playground, train hats, train napkins, etc. Just a cake and the Happy Birthday song.Before you get too excited about the two cake thing. The train cake came from a molded cupcake pan like this. It was decorated with left over frosting and M&M's from the fire truck cake.
We had dinner, put candles on the engine, sang Happy Birthday, blew out the candles, opened some presents, went to bed. Everyone was soo tired and crabby we didn't even eat any cake. Plus D & K were still coming down off the sugar-high from the last party.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tears over Elmo?!

So I am innocently cleaning in the kitchen while Sesame Street plays in the background. Poor little Elmo is learning about babies and how they take alot of time from the people he wants to play with. Before you know it Elmo and Gina are singing about how there's always enough love to go around. Now honestly, it was not that big of a deal! Yet, here come the weepy eyes. NO, I DIDN'T CRY. I just thought about it. (I'M NOT PREGNANT)
I don't know what's happened to me. Four years ago, this little person came out of me and ever since then I get sentimental and weepy over news stories, sad songs, dog food commercials, you know. . .

What is it about being a mom that makes a perfectly reasonable person become weepy over the most ridiculous things?

BTW D's birthday is FRIDAY! Four. Years. Old. How/When did that happen? At the same time, seriously, only four years?!