Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer

Our Family Photographer
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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Itty-Bitty Ladies Man

12 weeks old!
I haven't held C at church for 3 weeks now.  Today, when I sat down I sat in front of the young woman who has held C for the last 2 Sundays.  She was holding her baby cousin who is probably 6 months older than C.  Her mom told me later that when I sat down the young woman asked her mom to take her baby cousin so she could take C.  She was too late today.  Another sister in the ward, Sister Stewart came and took him from me.  She graciously held him for the entire Sacrament meeting then thanked me for letting her hold him.

After Sacrament meeting, I went to my Sunday School class that I joint teach with Alisa.  She taught today.  Then I went to Relief Society.  That is where the real womanizing takes place for this guy.  First he wooed my friend Kydee while simultaneously making eyes at Sharene behind us.  There is a blind sister named Rosie in our ward.  She loves little ones and has been wanting to hold C.  I took him up to the front where Rosie sits with her seeing-eye dog, Frontier.  Rosie was very excited when I told her my name.  She knew immediately what I had for her.  I handed him over and she snuggled him right up on her shoulder and proclaimed him, "So cute!"  I had to smile.  We chatted for a minute about how sweet he is.  She offered to let me grow another baby so she could keep this one.  She is a funny lady.  Rosie could feel his hair on her cheek and wanted to know what color it is.  "Dark," I replied.  That started a discussion about my other children's hair color.  Finally it was time for relief society to start. As I went back to my seat Sister Williams told me how beautiful it was to see C and Rosie together.  He was really sweet, looking up at her.  I think he was mesmerized by Rosie's white hair!

I taught relief society today so Marissa and Kydee both offered to hold him for me.  I let them figure it out.  He was great for the whole meeting.  I think I heard one squawk the entire time I was teaching.  And to think, before C was born I was concerned about how I was going to handle church with 3 kids, 1 baby and Roy on the stand.  Silly me!

In other news, I taught from Elder Holland's most recent general conference talk, "Lord, I Believe."  Such a good talk!  Definitely my favorite talk on faith that I've ever heard and/or studied.  Also, this pretty much sums up how I feel:

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Recent Developments

I am so sick of the phrase, "flush and wash" that I think my head may implode the next time I am forced to utter it.

Last night K announced before her shower that there was pee in the shower.  I sort of exploded.  "WHO PEED IN THE SHOWER?!"  Upon further reflection I determined there was only one real suspect.  You can't get away with such antics when you are the only boy child old enough to aim.

My pharmacy called today to let me know that my (non-surgical) BC of choice will now cost $366.10.  This is causing some serious consideration.  I'm sure glad they called to let me know instead of just springing it on me when I showed up to pick it up.

I had my day carefully planned out to include a nap for myself.  Only I forgot to notify the baby.  Foiled again!

Today A went from saying, "hock-a-sicle" to "pop-a-sicle".  A little piece of her babyhood just fell off.

K lot another tooth.  She is now down three baby teeth with the fourth on its way out.

My brother is graduating from medical school!  This is a big deal people!  Also, he will be working in S. Florida for the next few years.  If only airfare were free....

I bought a cookbook at DI (the Mormon equivalent of Goodwill) yesterday.  It is a Thai cookbook so maybe I can learn some new techniques.  If not at least it only cost a dollar.

I also bought a diet book by Dr. Phil.  Again, at least it was only a dollar.

A is stuck in the Bermuda Triangle of Naps.  That is, she is tired during the day so she takes a nap.  Then she doesn't fall asleep until after 9 pm.  Which means she is tired during the day so she takes a nap.  Then she doesn't fall asleep until after 9 pm.  Which means she is tired during the day so she takes a nap.  Then... the only way to break free from this cycle is to not allow her to nap.  That is a lot easier said than done.

This never gets old.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Photo Basket

Self Portrait by an 8 year old
Hug it out girls!
"I'm a pirate princess."

Monday, May 6, 2013

Observations from 1 a.m.

  • If a child is going to get sick, it will be after having red Kool-Aid for the first time in over a year.
  • Box fans are so loud that grandma can sleep through the vacuum in the next room.  Either that she just really didn't want to know...
  • Splashing sounds during the night are never a good thing.  I had lots of time to think about it and really - no good comes from splashing at night.
  • Top bunks are good for fitting two beds in one room.  Top bunks are not good for hasty flights to the bathroom.
  • Husbands will think they had a bad night when they have to share a bed with a three year old.  Until they find out they didn't have to spend 2 hours wiping sick off walls.  Suddenly their night seems heavenly.
  • Being a mom rocks.  Being a housekeeper sucks.
  • No matter how good your friendship is, 12:30 a.m. is never an okay time to borrow a carpet shampooer.
  • Qubo shows old school Ghostbusters in the middle of the night.
  • Old school Ghostbusters isn't nearly as cool as I remember it being.
  • I'm really really tired so naturally the baby will need to be fed.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Baby Blessing

Today was C's baby blessing where we take him to church and give him a priesthood blessing.  Roy's parents and my parents both came for the occasion.  Grandma Pyatt made his adorable blessing clothes as she has done for each of the kids.  Bishop Swanger, Ty Engstrom, Roy, Grandpa Pyatt and Grandpa Bishop all stood in the blessing circle.
It was a great blessing.  I really felt the Holy Spirit and know that C is loved and precious in our Heavenly Father's sight.
My beautiful kids
Love C's face in this shot!
He loves us! He wouldn't stop looking at his daddy.
Blessing outfit handmade by Grandma Pyatt.
Grandma and Grandpa Pyatt
Grandpa and Grandma Bishop

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Miniature Golf

Roy took his dad and my dad regular golfing yesterday.  They all seemed to have a good time.  No clubs were injured or lost during the round.  It did take over 3 hours for them to complete 9 holes!
Anyway, it seemed a natural follow up to go miniature golfing today.  Plus, D has been dying to take us since he and his dad did it a few weeks ago for their guy-date.
Everyone had a really good time.  It was a first time experience for Grandpa and Grandma Pyatt.  This doesn't seem possible but I'm glad we were able to introduce them to the magic that is mini-golf.
 Dylan, Grandma Pyatt, Grandpa Bishop, Roy, Ashlyn and Grandpa Pyatt all got a hole-in-one at least once.
 Which, after seeing her golf swing, you would know that A getting a hole-in-one is pretty amazing.
 K was rocking the course.  She was so fast I had to stage this shot.  She would hit and be gone before I even got my camera up to my face.
This pretty much sums up how D felt about it.  It would have been 2 enthusiastic thumbs up but for the club in the other hand.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Baby C: 2 Months Old

  • His longest sleeping stretch to date: 7 hours.
  • The smiley-est baby I've ever seen!
  • We introduced the binky 2 days ago.
  • Grandma and Grandpa Pyatt and Bishop are all here for the baby blessing on Sunday.
  • Fitting into 0-3 Month clothing without too much bagging.
  • We've been to church 3 times to date.
  • He is absolutely A-DORED by the siblings - still.
  • At 2 month check up:
    • Weight: 10 lbs 0.5 oz
    • Height/Length: 23.5 inches
    • Head Circumference: 15.2 inches
  • He still sleeps best swaddled with his arms pinned down.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Funnies from April

D was annoying K.  She finally had enough and told him, "I wish you weren't my brother!"  After a few seconds A interjected, "But, then our family would be sad."

K told me her friend Tristian is 6 and a half.  "When I turn 6, I'm going to be 6 and a whole."

Grandma Pyatt: "Do you know a good place to get my hair done?"
A: "The bathroom."