Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer
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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Itty-Bitty Ladies Man

12 weeks old!
I haven't held C at church for 3 weeks now.  Today, when I sat down I sat in front of the young woman who has held C for the last 2 Sundays.  She was holding her baby cousin who is probably 6 months older than C.  Her mom told me later that when I sat down the young woman asked her mom to take her baby cousin so she could take C.  She was too late today.  Another sister in the ward, Sister Stewart came and took him from me.  She graciously held him for the entire Sacrament meeting then thanked me for letting her hold him.

After Sacrament meeting, I went to my Sunday School class that I joint teach with Alisa.  She taught today.  Then I went to Relief Society.  That is where the real womanizing takes place for this guy.  First he wooed my friend Kydee while simultaneously making eyes at Sharene behind us.  There is a blind sister named Rosie in our ward.  She loves little ones and has been wanting to hold C.  I took him up to the front where Rosie sits with her seeing-eye dog, Frontier.  Rosie was very excited when I told her my name.  She knew immediately what I had for her.  I handed him over and she snuggled him right up on her shoulder and proclaimed him, "So cute!"  I had to smile.  We chatted for a minute about how sweet he is.  She offered to let me grow another baby so she could keep this one.  She is a funny lady.  Rosie could feel his hair on her cheek and wanted to know what color it is.  "Dark," I replied.  That started a discussion about my other children's hair color.  Finally it was time for relief society to start. As I went back to my seat Sister Williams told me how beautiful it was to see C and Rosie together.  He was really sweet, looking up at her.  I think he was mesmerized by Rosie's white hair!

I taught relief society today so Marissa and Kydee both offered to hold him for me.  I let them figure it out.  He was great for the whole meeting.  I think I heard one squawk the entire time I was teaching.  And to think, before C was born I was concerned about how I was going to handle church with 3 kids, 1 baby and Roy on the stand.  Silly me!

In other news, I taught from Elder Holland's most recent general conference talk, "Lord, I Believe."  Such a good talk!  Definitely my favorite talk on faith that I've ever heard and/or studied.  Also, this pretty much sums up how I feel:

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Annette said...

How can he keep getting better looking?! Miss them all!