Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer

Our Family Photographer
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Monday, February 23, 2009


So nice: *dripping sarcasm*
It took Qwest 5-7 days to hook up my phone and internet. It took 5-7 hours to disconnect. Gotta love that.
Actual statements by Qwest customer service folks:
"Sir, I am not going to apologize for this." (talking to Roy, not me)
thanks, not looking for an apology but that attitude is definitely earning my business!

"I'm sorry you were quoted the wrong price."
uh, I'm sorry but that is the price I agreed to pay, wrong or not. I DID NOT AGREE TO THIS INSANE NUMBER YOU ARE CHARGING ME!

I'm sure there are more but I try to block them from my memory.
In better Qwest news, I did finally talk to someone who was both nice and helpful! If I had talked to the one nice and helpful person working there first, perhaps I wouldn't have felt it so necessary to disconnect.
(If you work for Qwest, please don't send me hate mail. I'm sure there is more than one nice and helpful person who works there. I just had a very difficult time finding them. Also, I know many customers are huge jerks. That does NOT make it okay to treat everyone like they are incompetent imbiciles.)

For reals nice: *warm fuzzies and butterflies for all!*
A week and a half ago, the people at the gym's kid's club gave me this great news:
'D is so well behaved. He never hits the other kids even when they are playing Star Wars and the other kids hit him. He has a great imagination and plays so well. We really enjoy having them both here. K is so cute and never gives us any trouble.'
*warm fuzzies for the gym people*

Today I got an email from D's primary teacher telling me how smart he is and how quickly he learns the things she is teaching them. She said, "You are obviously doing a good job." Extra cookies after FHE for that kid! Anytime he makes me look good he definitely gets extra cookies. Heaven knows how many people have thought otherwise about my parenting skills!
*warm fuzzies for the people who teach D's class*

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baby Pyatt Update

I have been meaning to blog more about the fact that we are expecting baby number three. It isn't that we aren't excited or not thinking about it. In fact, the baby comes up regularly in conversations around here. D is big enough this time he wants to know how the baby comes out. We have been having some interesting dinner conversation.

Last Monday for a 'special FHE' we went to the ultrasound. D was super excited. He couldn't wait to find out if it was a boy or a girl. K was more trepidatious. In fact she was quite alarmed when the tech put the gel on my stomach. Daddy had to hold her and comfort her. D didn't care about the gel as long as it didn't touch him. This also meant that I couldn't touch him, just in case...

So, the baby. I was going to post every single ultrasound picture here because I know everyone loves ultrasound pictures. Then I remembered my scanner doesn't work. You'll just have to imagine the black/greyish pictures yourself.

It is a girl. We are right on target for the July 2 due date. Everything is healthy, present and developing properly. Her little heart is beating and she is wiggly. I have started to feel her move -- mostly when I'm lying in bed.

I have had mixed feelings throughout this pregnancy. For much of it, I really haven't felt pregnant. Sick, yes. Fat, yes. Pregnant, not so much. I am starting to get past that. The level of excitement has varied for me. At times I get really excited to have a small newborn again. Then other times I think about breastfeeding or waking up at night and feel less than excited.

I know I will love this baby. I was sort of hoping for a girl. I was afraid we wouldn't have another girl. D and Roy were looking forward to a boy. They are both excited for a girl but D was a little put out when we first found out it was a girl. Now, of course, I'm afraid we'll never have another boy.

As for my body, I am still inbetween maternity and regular clothes. I wear maternity dresses to church because there is no way I can squish into my regular skirts anymore. During the week though, I can still fudge most things. This is a blessing and a curse. People are getting more and more comfortable assuming I'm pregnant but there is still some awkwardness about whether I'm preggo or need to work out more. That goes away if I put on a maternity shirt. The pants with the belly flap... well, fortunately, I'm still a little ways off from wearing them - I think.

AAAARRRGHHH! These kids are driving me crazy. Sorry. Just had to get that off my chest. This is taking me forever to type between them joining me on my lap, spilling milk all over the floor and then playing in it, needing drinks, giving me toys, climbing on things.... We will have three soon...

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Zag game last night

Last night, Roy and I went to see the Zags play in Portland. I'm going to admit something here that may forever scar my relationship with Ray (not that he reads this but ya never know): I wasn't all that excited to go. I mean, I wasn't dreading it or anything. It was just kind of indifferent. Kind of, Meh. However, to redeem myself, I did get into the spirit of the game once we arrived and had a really good time. I cheered and clapped and even started to know the names of some of the players. (Not like Roy who was cheering for them by their first names.)
The game was, of course, all the better because the Zags won. It's not nearly as fun if they lose.

So although I am not a Gonzaga know-it-all, I am going to bestow upon you some of my learnedness from last night. By far, I think I liked Pargo the best. He played practically the entire game! He is a natural leader. It was very enjoyable to see his interaction with the coaches and teammembers that you just don't see on TV. He had fun and was good at what he did. He could use some practice time on the free throw line though.
I don't know if Daye was having a bad night or what, but I really wasn't too impressed with him. He played well enough, I suppose. But everytime the refs would call something on him he would get such a dumb expression of "What are you talking about?". I understand that sometimes refs make bad calls. But MAN UP. Not every call was bad.
Uh, the other guys looked good. The second half the Zags played so much better. They were more aggressive under the Portland basket. They were fouling much less and just looked like a team. It was very fun to watch.
So, overall, I would definitely go watch the Zags play again if someone wants to give me free tickets.