Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer

Our Family Photographer
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Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas Tree Day!

The day after Thanksgiving is always Christmas tree day at our house.  We have our favorite tree farm we drive to and tramp around in the mud looking at trees.  There is no doubt our family is there because you can hear the trees ringing with the sounds of "This one!"  "Look at this tree!"  "Pick this one!!"
We found the perfect tree.  We decided to go big because we have an awesome new tree stand to put it in.  No more tree massacres at our house.  I should have taken a picture of the stand but I didn't.  You'll just have to know that this awesome tree is not being held up by any old Walmart tree stand.
All morning, A was asking, "Is it time to go pick out a Christmas tree yet?"  "Why aren't we going yet?"  Wouldn't you know it, bout 2 minutes into tree shopping she was asking, "Can we go now?"  Apparently anticipation is 99% of the fun for her.
This was the easiest cutting down experience we've ever had.  D picked out the saw and he is hired!  It was big and sharp.  Maybe it is new.  Either way Roy was only under the tree for a few minutes.  Our biggest tree and the least amount of sawing time required.  Roy kept exclaiming how easy it was.  Usually he's flat on the ground complaining about sore arms and saws jamming and such fun stuff.  
 The kids loved watching the tree shake.  Every year we joke about there being a squirrel that will fall out.  This tree was big enough that could have happened!
Baling this baby was a job.  It ultimately took 4 people, some trimming of lower limbs and a lot of man-power and grunting.

Once we got it home we leveled the bottom as best we could before putting the stand on.  This was another experience of awesome-sauce.  The tree was almost instantly level, the screws went right in to support the tree and it stood tall with almost NO EFFORT!  Best tree raising experience ever!
We got it placed, cut the baling off and viola! Christmas tree perfection.  Now if only we can find a tree farm that grows pre-lit trees we will be in Christmas tree heaven!

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Today was Thanksgiving.  We spent it as a family at home.  It was nice to be casual but still enjoy a big feast with plenty of leftovers for the next week (or two!).  I made the potatoes and sweet potatoes yesterday so all I had to do today was pop the turkey in the oven, pull together a couple of salads and make the rolls.  I forgot the stuffing.  I remembered as we were getting ready to sit down at the table but when I mentioned it to Roy, he said, "Don't worry about it. You're the only one who eats it anyway."  This is true.  I may make some tomorrow to enjoy with my leftovers.  Easy to do since we are a Stovetop family.
The kids played nicely-ish all morning until we ate about 1.  Roy played with the kids.  It was fun to see him dancing with K and playing with A.  Baby C-man rolled around growling and yelling. D alternated between reading and playing.  We had Christmas tunes blasting.  It really was a good time.
After dinner the kids and Roy went to a park.  I laid on the couch.  It was very nice and quiet.
We have so much to be thankful for.  During dinner Roy was talking to the kids about what we can take with us when we die.  Not much - our faith, our spirits, our knowledge and the covenants we've made with God.  But the blankies and pillow pets and ice cream all stay here.  We talked about being grateful for what we have rather than wishing for what we don't have.  We also talked about when you have everything you don't need God - or you think you don't because you already have everything.  But that everything will not get you anywhere after this life.  I was reminded of a quote from Apostle David A. Bednar, " A grateful person is rich in contentment.  An ungrateful person suffers in the poverty of endless discontentment." (Windows of Heaven, Ensign 11/2013)
Given that discussion and thought I have resolved to focus more on my blessings and less on what I "need".  I'm so grateful for a wise spouse and loving children.  What a great family and a great day together!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I've been missing this

I don't know when exactly I'm going to squeeze in writing but I have missed blogging.  I have many back posts to write that I want recorded in our personal family history and as I get to them I'll link them in a current post but I've got to start where I am.  There's too many stories to tell for me to just stop.

K's foray into fasting

K's primary class learned about fasting on Sunday.  Since I picked her up from her class she's been telling me she is going to fast for Grandma.  I managed to talk her out of fasting on a school day because I don't want her struggling to concentrate (even more than she already does...) or be hungry at school.  So this morning she announces (I thought she forgot... I did) that since it isn't a school day she will be fasting for Grandma for breakfast and lunch.  I am skeptical but I don't want to discourage her.  Roy talked to her about maybe just starting with breakfast and seeing how it goes.  He also talked to her about praying for her fast so it isn't just going hungry.
K said our family prayer and prayed that Grandma would know she was fasting for her.  No sooner had the prayer ended and daddy begun eating his toast before K was at the kitchen asking for a piece of toast.  I told her I thought she was going to fast.  She said she wouldn't eat breakfast but maybe just a little bit of toast.  I think there may be a bit of misunderstanding here.
I smiled and got her the juice she wanted and started "rolled up pancakes" which is a family favorite.  I had a few cooked and K came into the kitchen.  "Maybe I could fast another day."
And thus ends K's first attempt at fasting.  I'm pleased she wants to learn about the gospel principle of fasting. She's such a good girl and so full of love for others.

K just walked in and asked me, "What's the name of Sunday?"
Me, "December 1."
K, "No! What's the name of Sunday?"
Me, ??  "What do you mean? I don't know what you mean."
K, "Like the name of Monday is Monday.  What's the name of Sunday?"
Me, "Uh, Sunday.  The name of Sunday is Sunday."
K, "No! We know the names of the other days like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday...."
Me, turn away and resume typing.  there's nothing more I can do here.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Couple of Cuties!

These two are best friends.  They are wearing their new
dresses from Grandma for the first time.  They just
looked so beautiful I had to get a picture. 
It was time.  You can't tell in this picture really but I cut A's hair today.  I trimmed probably an inch- inch and a half off the bottom.  She has such long smooth hair.  It is gorgeous.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Baby C: October Pictures

Happy Halloween!
Trick or treating in comfort
Loves to play and bounce in the exersaucer
This sister just can't get enough baby!
Loves bath time!

Baby C with his sisters

Baby C: 8 Months

  • Got his first tooth!  It's one of his bottom middle two teeth.  I totally know I've been spoiled but this was the worst teething experience we've had.  I'm talking night wakings and fussiness.  That said, it is nothing compared to what some babies go through.  Usually it only talks a bit of comforting, perhaps a little Orajel and he's back to sleep.  Thank goodness!
  • Baby has been rolling extensively but he's now started a bit of scooting to his movement repertoire.  He's working on getting his arms pulling him with a bit of nudging from his toes.  Thankfully he's not very fast yet.  
  • He's still a puny little guy.  And I LOVE it.  But I see him next to babies 3 months younger and quite frankly you'd think he was the younger of the two size wise.  But I am really wanting him to stay a baby as long as possible so I like this smaller size.  Plus, he's easier on the arms for carrying! 
  • Eats almost constantly.  He loves applesauce and baby cereal mixed with prune juice (our solution to a month of being plugged!).
  • The kids all still want to hold him and love on him.  Mostly he'll tolerate it for a few minutes but then he wants back down to the floor.
  • He's sitting up okay now.  He's still not real steady but I think he just doesn't care to sit up.  All his toys are on the floor, why would he want to sit up when he could be rolling around with his toys!
  • Met Uncle Rick for the first time this month.  
  • Had his first Halloween and dressed up like a Winnie-the-Pooh bear.
  • Very vocal and still loves to growl.  Even when I'm rocking him to sleep he'll be growling instead of sighing.