Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer

Our Family Photographer
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

12 Days of Thanksgiving, Day 9

I'm grateful for D.  He is my first born and my only son.  He is my baby and will always be my baby.  He is the one who made me a mother.  He is the one who is teaching how to be a mother one new stage at a time.
D has always been intelligent.  He was differentiating between cars, vans, SUV's, buses and trucks before most kids can are out of the "vroom, vroom" stage.  We used to spell his name and he would tell us what we were spelling when he was 18 months.  He knew his letters and sounds by 2, was reading beginning words at 3 and was a fluent reader at 4.
Now, he is discovering how much fun numbers can be.  He is constantly asking Roy and I math questions and working multi-step abstract problems in his head.  He loves to learn and I am grateful that he wants to know things.
I'm glad he loves school.  I'm grateful we live in an area where he can attend a 'challenge' program and move at a faster pace than a regular classroom.  I'm grateful he wants to go to school.
D is a handsome boy.  I'm grateful for his big beautiful eyes that women envy and girls will swoon over (but not yet!).  I'm glad he has such great hair and someday he will be too.  I'm grateful for his strong body and coordination that allows him to play and ride bikes and swim.
I'm grateful to have a great big brother for my girls.  I'm grateful he likes to read stories to his sisters.  I'm grateful that he is protective of them and is learning how to take care of girls.
I'm grateful that D is so big and able.  I love that he can take a shower by himself and come out at least 80% clean.  I love that he can get his own snack and pour his own drinks.  I'm grateful that he wants to help and be a good boy.
I'm grateful for D's sense of humor.  He loves jokes.  He makes up his own jokes most of which are creative....  I'm grateful that he does have pretty good comedic timing (must get that from me...right?).
I'm grateful that D likes to play games.  His favorite game right now is U-Build Monopoly.  I'm grateful to have a kid who can play card games that involve more than fish.
I'm grateful to have a son who loves Heavenly Father and has faith in Jesus Christ.  I'm grateful for his desire to do what is right.  I'm grateful for his spirit which recognizes truth and responds with joy.  I'm grateful that D wants to get up early to read his scriptures in the morning before school.
I'm grateful to have such a beautiful, caring, sensitive, intelligent, fun boy.

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