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Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm not dead. I'm just unpacking....

So I haven't blogged regularly. I tried to post some pictures a while back of the remodel. Didn't work. Stupid Blogger. Oh well, at least it is free right?
So someday I will post pictures. For now I am busy trying to remember why I didn't think it would be a big deal to move. I swear the last time I moved it only took two days to unpack and have everything in order. Here we are at four days and we're still in the "honey do you know where ____ is?"
There could be some reasons behind that...
First, last time I moved it was into an arachnid infested mold-hole loving referred to as "the Molding Creek Apartments". It was planned on being temperary. There was zero pressure when I arranged the kitchen because we are just going to move out again in 6 months. (Took 7...stupid slow bank...) Now, there is pressure. "Where should I put the Tupperware? What I if I don't like it there? What if the spices don't work there? I will have to rearrange the WHOLE KITCHEN!" I am paralized with planning...
Second, last time I moved it was into said mold-hole. Therefore, many things stayed packed. It was less of an unpacking as it was an artful display of box stacking.
Third, last time I moved I may have been pregnant, but I only had two kids. Now there's three. And the two year old is two. I know it's only been seven months since the last move but that is a long time when you've only had 28 months of development. The fighting/climbing/demanding/mess making have all advanced significantly. Oh yea, did I mention she's sick too...
Fourth, although I have paid for 10 hours YES. 10. HOURS. of cleaning there is still cleaning to do. How much cleaning could there be you ask? This is a logical question. We removed all the flooring, painted every. single. wall. (except for the master closet which has some built ins that our oversimulated paint brush didn't want to attempt.) took the toilets outside (waaaaaaay easier to spray them off with the hose and use massive amounts of bleach that way.), bought a new fridge...really how much could be left. Bwahahahahaha. (crazy white-coat-jello-drooling laugh) How about 6 hours spent cleaning three bathroom sinks, one soak tub, one walk-in shower, one regular tub/shower combo and two bathrooms worth of cabinets. Then there is the kitchen. Despite the fact that the lady who I paid spent four hours cleaning the kitchen cabinets (and they are soooooo much better!) there are still cabinets I don't even like to touch to open them. This doesn't make me want to put stuff away in said cabinet. I am starting to wonder about cabinet restoration. Last night, I tried an experiement. I rubbed dishsoap all over one of the most offensive cabinet doors. I went to bed. This morning, I scrubbed with scrub brush. Said cabinet is better but still feels greasy! How does one get their cabinets so dirty?! This cleaning does not take into account the stove. Oh the stove. Oh my.
So anyway. Not done unpacking yet. When I remove the boxes and get the moulding back around the floors and painter's tape off the ceiling I will post pictures. Perhaps before my baby graduates from high school. We'll see.


Melanie said...

Sounds exhausting. If I wasn't already so tired from just reading your blog I would offer to come help you. He he! Good luck!

Richins Family said...

You are a busy gal! Good luck with it all and I will be waiting for pictures even if it is until the HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION!

Valerie said...

Oh, MAN. I would so help you if I had the energy, time, and, oh, yeah, lived near you. But if I did, I would so be there.

And I see all the cleaning hasn't damaged your sense of humor. So there's that.