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Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Like the Big Bang Theory

I come from the center of the universe. That is the only possible explanation for this anomaly. When Roy and I first got married, he didn't believe me. Know he knows better. I'm talking about my home town. Delta. (Pronounced "dell-duh")
Are you familiar with the Six Degrees of Separation, which states that everyone is -at most- six degrees away from someone they know? Well for D-town I believe it is more like the 2 degrees fo separation.
Let me demonstrate:
A few nights ago, we went for dessert at a neighbor's house. They had also invited another couple over. We were chatting and, as is common, sharing our backgrounds. I said I come from a small town. When I said, "Delta." The man who had invited us said, "I think we drive through there for a short cut when we go on vacation." The woman from the other couple (who happened to be from Indiana) said, "Oh, my best friend's dad lived there!"
What? You think this is a fluke?
Demonstration, Round Two:
Through a series of events, Roy and I became aware of a man in a nursing home in Portland who grew up 'round Delta. He wanted to connect with people who were also from there so we took the kids to visit. This would be strange enough but the story goes on. As we were visiting, a group of carollers came calling. They were from this man's ward. We introduced ourselves and why we were visiting. Naturally, someone asked where he and I were from. I said, "Delta." A man said, "Oh, my grandmother is from Deseret and my parents live in Delta." I kid you not.
You want more?
In our ward in Spokane, I met someone who grew up in Delta. I met someone who used to drive the Schwann's truck through Delta.
I meet people who have friends in/from Delta. People who's relatives live/d in Delta. People from Delta themselves. Used to work there. Been there to play. Gone to the 4th of July celebration there. Swam in the Res' (know what the Res' is). Gone to the freaking Snow Goose Festival! What?!? I've never even gone to the Snow Goose Festival!

And the best part is, I am helping in the Bang. Because now all my friends I've met here can say (the next time they meet someone from Delta (it will happen. trust. me.)), "Hey! I know someone from Delta. She's amazing!"


Natalie said...

Lol it is a small world! And you have the last part right, you are amazing!

Lisa Hathaway said...

It's a phenomenon like no other. 100% true. My parents were in DENMARK having similar experiences. They were there for a week and met at least five people with some odd connection to Delta.

Lacie said...

This is SO true! People get excited when I tell them I'm from Delta or act all excited when they introduce me and say "she's a Delta Rabbit" like what's the secret what am I missing? What is it about Delta?

Melanie said...

he he...your roots are strong. Scary...considering it's Delta!

Dannelle said...

I love it when this happens. It just going to prove that this is no theory that Delta is the center of the universe-- it is an absolute truth or Fact!