Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer
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Friday, July 23, 2010

We've got some excitement going on here!

We're getting a lawn today! After months of weeds and dirt (read:MUD) we are finally having someone put our lawn in for us. We have gone back and forth between hiring someone to do it all and doing it all ourselves with several stops inbetween for doing parts of it ourselves and hiring out the rest. This is the final conclusion.

As you can see (barely) there are two excited and interested children cheering the work on. In fact, right now D is singing as loud as he can: "Jorge's the greatest guy! Jorge! Jorge! He's the greatest in the world!"
Even little A is getting in on the excitement!

We've already had a semi truck with grass pallets here and a forklift unloading all the pallets. There was a truck here to dump large piles of bark dust and "black dirt". By the end of the day we should be all grassed out.
It is very exciting to see our yard coming together. There will still be a lot of planting of flowers but that will wait until next year. For now, we're just happy to finally have grass!

Would you mind settling a friendly dispute for us? At this point in his life, would Ryan put in his own lawn or would he hire someone to do it for him?
As we were discussing hiring someone, Roy pointed out that this is not the Pyatt way. He claims that Ryan would never hire someone to do his lawn. I stated that he might now days. So.....what's the answer?


Melanie said...

Yeay for grass! Makes things beautiful (as long as you water it, that is).

Macey said...

Hey Sheena--Good question. Ryan would do it himself. I would continue to encourage the paid help, but in the end would realize it would cost a lot less for us to do it ourselves. The fact that that would free up money for me to spend on things I'd rather do is always a compelling argument. Case in point, this spring we ripped out a bunch of grass and put in mulch. However, there are many things that Ryan says he will never do himself again. It's all a hit and miss. Sorry hon.

Macey said...

P.S. Sheena,

I also consider Ryan to be a workaholic--which is definitely a Pyatt trait that can be beneficial and frustrating all at the same time.

Sheena said...

To follow up on the grass question.... Roy works until 6 every night. He comes home, we have dinner and put the kids to bed then he goes to bed. If you recall, Roy has always been an early to bed fellow. That leaves Saturdays which is good in theory but we've been going to do the grass for months now. He keeps me he can do it himself and I keep waiting for it to happen...
In fairness to Roy, this and carpet is the only thing we've paid someone else to do. He demo-ed our interiour, put in our laminate flooring, painted all the walls and doors, replaced most of our moulding and other sundry tasks (including patching more holes that I have ever seen in one house!). And, yes, he could have done the lawn. But I sure am happy it's done!
Thanks for answering my question. Even if it wasn't the answer I wanted!