Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Kindergarten Entrepreneur

D started school a week and a half ago. So far we've had school pictures, a skate night, a PTA fundraiser, a PTA meeting, 2 back-to-school night type meetings and another one planned for next week. (Really. "Back to School night", "parent meet and greet night" [which was not a meet and greet] and "Curriculum Night".) And D is LOVING IT. Every single thing is a cause for excitement. The skate night was a cause of excitement for 3 days straight!

The one that is really getting me right now is the PTA fundraiser though. D came home with this big FAT coupon book called a Payback Book (because its the book that pays you back!). He is super excited about selling these things. He will get a colored eraser if he sells one. He will get a spy watch if he sells 5. And, if he sells 10 he will get night vision binoculars. So, he's got a plan. Tonight, he was literally bouncing off the couch as he was describing his brilliant strategy to his dad which mainly consisted of this selling 15 books so he can get both the spy watch and the binoculars. He is planning to set up a stand on the corner, much like a lemonade stand, only he will be selling Payback Books.

Watching him bounce around with such confidence in his ability to sell books and earn prizes made a little piece of my mommy-heart break. He's a 6 year old living in a neighborhood full of children that all go to the same school. He can't sell to the neighbors whose son sold me cookie dough for football because they have 2 kids at his school. He can't sell to the neighbors whose son sold me vegetable plants for my garden because they have 1 child at his school. He can't sell to his extended family because not a single one of them live within 500 miles of the Payback book's coupon sites. The likely hood of him owning a spy watch and nightvision binoculars is not looking good.

On the flip side, he did manage to sell one to his father so at least he'll get to pick a colored eraser!

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