Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer

Our Family Photographer
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A great day!

This morning was preschool at our house.  That's always fun.  No, really, that wasn't even sarcasm!  A is always so excited to have her friends come.  She loves to help me set stuff up.  She kept asking me for jobs to do to get ready.
After preschool, I was cleaning up the kitchen when K came to the front door.  If you recall, the bus can sometimes be a difficult place to retrieve children from.  However, the regular bus driver knows us and my neighbor was out with her son so the bus driver let K off the bus to come home even though I wasn't out there.  And why wasn't I out there you ask?  Because the bus was nearly 20 minutes early!  That's a good thing too!  I actually really like our regular bus driver, I just have to be patient when it is a sub.  Unfortunately, patience and I are not on close terms right now.
The girls and I had a delicious lunch of "macmaroni and cheese sauce" before we went to D's school for an election party.  They have been doing a unit about elections where the kids were in groups.  Each group had a presidential candidate and running mate as well as a speech writer and campaign manager.  They campaigned, gave speeches, had a primary election and finished with an election yesterday.  Then today the parents were invited in the afternoon to hear the chosen president give his acceptance speech and sing patriotic songs.
Swearing in the president on the student handbook
D and some girls from his class were in the front of the room leading the songs (sort of - the teacher was leading but the students were examples I guess).  It was particularly inspiring to sing God Bless the USA.  I was impressed with the small sampling of the next generation of leaders in that room.
After school I helped distribute cookie dough with the PTA.  I always feel like I'm doing my school duties when I help the PTA with something (even though I'm not actually a member at either school!).  The kids played hard and had a good time waiting for me.
Tonight we had a very pleasant evening at home.  Roy brought home donuts from work (Krispie Kreme!) that I ate too many of but my Dr. did tell me to start gaining weight.....  K went to play with her friend for a few minutes so D read stories to A.  The girl hadn't had a nap today so....
All's well that ends well, right?  When K got home she snuggled on the couch with Roy while I folded laundry.  We all talked about personal safety and taking care of each other.  It was a great bit of family time. Everyone was being kind to each other.  D and K were not competing to be "FIRST!" or "BEST!", we just talked while A snored away in the rocking chair.  It's days and nights like these that make it great to be the mom!

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