Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Some happenings around here

Things are going fine and normal around here.  Well as normal as can be expected when one is 34 weeks pregnant.  I go to the bathroom every 30 minutes - even if I haven't been drinking.  My baby's movements are practically visible from outer space now.  He has officially reached from bladder to rib for a while now.  It is a bit uncomfortable to have someone pushing your ribs out from the inside while simultaneously bouncing on your hips.  I know it hasn't even been that long since the last time I was pregnant (3.5 years) but it keeps seeming like "Oh yeah, I forgot how fun this part is."  I'm grateful to be pregnant and have easy pregnancies but that doesn't disallow the fact that it's not all lovely and tummy snuggles.
The kids' excitement is waning.  It's old news now that they will have a baby brother.  They got all excited again when we set up the crib (which I only did because they were excited to do it).  But now it is back to 'Oh yea, someday we'll have a baby brother.  At least that's what mom and dad keep saying but we're starting to doubt such an event will really take place.'
About a week ago we babysat for a friend.  Her baby is about 10 months old.  My kids went crazy!  Especially A.  They were all up in her face giving her toys and trying to play with her.  We had her for the entire evening.  It just so happened that we needed to go shopping so we took her with us.  I was leisurely shopping while Roy had D, K and A off looking for something else.  So it was just me, baby G and my belly.  When Roy walked up with 3 more kids calling me mom, all of a sudden I realized how crazy we looked!  It reminded me of when I babysat in Spokane.  I would go for walks with a kindergartner, 3 year old D, 1 year old and a very pregnant belly.  Yes, they could have all been mine but really only one was.

We had 2 couples over last weekend for some games and snacks.  Roy had to share his ice cream, of which he happened to have 4 varieties for their choosing pleasure.  (The man loves his ice cream -- he makes it himself.  Not sure if I've mentioned that here before.  On that particular night we had butter pecan, rocky road, strawberry and mint chocolate chip!)  It was so much fun having people over!  We forget how much we actually like other people sometimes.   I had it figured out perfectly.  The kids go to bed at 8 so that is when we had people come.  We played games until 11, laughing and munching the whole time.  Definitely going to have to do that some more.

Roy and I took the kids shooting last weekend.  I took pictures but I'm almost hesitant to share them because of all the political stuff about guns happening right now.  I'm not out to make a political statement.  We happen to be family who owns firearms and does our best to educate our children about the use and danger (especially the danger) of firearms.  Roy's been hunting and D is looking forward to the time when he will be old enough to go hunting too.  We aren't all crazy and building an arsenal but we do have guns and ammo.  That said, the kids had a really great time.  A fell asleep on the way there and slept through the adventure.  D and K took turns setting up the clay pigeon thrower and they both had a countdown going.  "Ready? 3, 2, 1, FiRE!"

K gave a talk in primary on Sunday.  She was so cute up there.  Of course, K is pretty much cute anywhere, right?  She wanted her daddy to help her so he did.  K and I "wrote" her talk which basically consisted of listing how she knew Heavenly Father loves her.  Then I printed some coloring pictures off the internet of things like the earth, animals, friends playing etc. for her to color.  She got up and told everyone how she knew Heavenly Father loved her because he gave her a family, friends, the earth, sunshine and beaches, animals, scriptures and Jesus Christ.
This reminds me that A is now in primary.  She has been unbelievably excited to go into Sunbeams so she can be in primary like D and K.  She's done really well with the transition too.  She hasn't been sad once.  The first Sunday she was little nervous but happy to go.  Even when Roy and I were both in primary for K's talk, all A did was smile and wave at us but didn't get sad when we left or try to come sit by us or anything.  That girl is so easy sometimes it's almost unfair!  Love her!

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Melanie said...

LOts of fun going ons. Have fun "enjoying" being pregnant. It will be over far too soon and baby boy will be on the outside for you to actually HAVE to take care of. :) Your kids are going to be a HUGE help, lucky woman.