Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gettin' cleaned up

Today I had my house professionally cleaned.  WOW.  Even Roy commented on how awesome it would be if we had someone come even once every 3 months just to deep clean like they did today.  So awesome.
My shower floor, which has been scrubbed and cleaned with more vigor and chemicals that any other part of my house, is finally finally white again.  I'd figured it would never be better than it was but it looks almost brandsparklingnew.
They cleaned my blinds and windows (two things I hate and avoid cleaning).  The mopped the floors and vacuumed with something far superior to my craptastic machine.  Everything seems so much nicer in here.  It just feels so good in here.
Too bad my kids can't come inside anymore.  Hope they like sleeping in the garage like the dirty little sweetpeas they are.
I'm kidding.
They are sleeping in their beds.  But really, the hardest part of having my house clean like this is allowing my children - love them as I do - to walk through the door.
I was able to have this amazing opportunity because my visiting teacher owns her own cleaning business.  I was asking her advice about some cleaning things and she decided that she would have some of her girls come clean my house before the baby is born.  LOVE IT!  Who can say no to an offer like that.  I'm so grateful for friends who are so generous.  It makes me want to be more generous.  Thus the cycle continues.

In other news, we had pack meeting tonight.  It was the Blue and Gold Banquet and we had fun.  D finally received his Bobcat award.  He earned it two months ago but due to circumstances being as they were, he just got it tonight.
Tuesday night D and Roy went to a Blazer game.  It was D's first professional sporting event and apparently he had a great time.  Roy said he was singing and cheering along with the crowd.  He got to know some of the player's names and cheered for them personally.  D's really been getting into basketball lately.  I'm so glad.  I love that he's a reader and thinker but I'm glad he's starting to be more willing physically active.  It was getting so bad that I finally had to make "30 minutes of outside play time" part of his daily chores.  But for the last 2 weeks, he's been happy to take his 30 minutes.  Even asking if he can have his 30 minutes of outside time.  Sometimes, he even stays out longer than 30 minutes.  I know.  It is pretty darn close to a miracle.  The best part? He's having fun!

Oh yes, one more thing.  Only 5 days until my due date.  Still hoping he'll come early.....

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Melanie said...

One lucky lady and we had to do that with our oldest too (until we got a trampoline).

5 DAYS!!