Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer

Our Family Photographer
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

D's Month

I mentioned that D spent the month with his grandparents.  He split his time in a complicated and confusing way but got to spend time with both grandparents and see Great-Grandpa and Grandma Jones.  The only thing he didn't get to do that he was looking forward to was go with Great-Grandpa "up the crick".
He got to go camping with Aunt Tara, swim a lot, read, play on the computer and Ipad, play with his cousins, have one on one time with Grandma Pyatt, work with Grandpa Pyatt, eat chocolate cupcakes and drink chocolate milk with Aunt Sue and a hundred other things - most of which I don't know because he doesn't really talk on the phone (actual conversation: "Hi, mom. 'Bye mom." O.o )
One of the highlights and the reason D did so much back and forth traveling between grandparents this year is because my baby brother came home from his LDS mission in Chile and D wanted to be at the airport when Uncle Rick got home.
Karlee, Grandma 'Net, Great-Grandpa Jones, Great- Grandma Jones, Aunt Sue,
D-man,  Elder Rick, Grandpa Bishop (the cute little girls are Sue's grandkids)
One of D's favorite places to be is Grandpa and Grandma Pyatt's 10-acre spread.  He had a friend there this year - one of the neighbor's granddaughters was visiting too.

"It's amazing, but for an 8 year old she can drive pretty good!" D

It's the neighbor's chickens and goats.  Apparently there were some horses as well.
 D had his first solo flight on the 28th when he flew home.  Grandma 'Net and Uncle Rick took him to the airport in SLC and got him on the plane.  Roy, C, K, A and I met D on the other side.  We were able to get passes for our entire family to go through security to meet D at the gate.

 He had a great flight and a good time.  He definitely wants to do it again!  Since Roy took the day off we decided to load up the bikes and take a family bike ride to celebrate having our D-man home.
Helping A get to bike up the hill -- he's such a great brother!!

The riding posse.

They are both happy to see each other!
We're happy to have him home.  We all love our D-man!  I'm so grateful to all the people who took good care of my oldest baby.  I'm happy to walk into his room and have him sleeping there.  Plus, he is my best and most capable helper.  I love this guy!

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