Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer

Our Family Photographer
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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Tree Hunting

Friday, we went searching for the perfect Christmas tree. We went to a place near our house called Thornton's Treeland. It is a tree farm. We were able to go on a hay ride and pet some farm animals. My own little animals really love to see/pet/feed the animals. Then we walked around looking for the perfect tree. There were a couple different variety. We selected a Douglas Fir. It certainly looks perfect. I must say that whoever strung those lights did an awesome job, *pat*pat* thankyouverymuch.
Unfortunately, I did not remember to take my camera to the tree farm. This means I did not get pictures of D pulling the tree cart like a pioneer handcart while K pushed from behind. I did not get pictures of D bumping along on the hay ride or K bundled on her daddy's lap. I did not get pictures of the kids trying to pet/feed the goats, donkey, sheep or llama. I did not get picture of them wandering around a miniature forest looking at different trees. I really wanted to kick myself for not getting all those pictures to record the really fun time we had as a family. *Sigh*
After the tree farm, we had a family surprise. D has been talking nonstop about the train that will be under his Christmas tree. So we invested in this charming little Christmas train.
It's very festive, don't you think?
Unfortunately we had to take the first one back to the store. D kept saying, "I'm sad because the engine light doesn't work and the bulldozer car doesn't have it's wheel." Luckily, Sears had another one so we were able to bring it right home and get down to the business of playing with it.
Roy was certain that the toys on the back were designed to come off so you could play with them. He kept saying, "I know they are meant to come off." That's probably why he had to unscrew them, then take them out in the garage and drill out the rivets that were holding the trucks on the train cars. Yup. Definitely designed for easy removal. Even a child could do it. A very big child.
Anyway, now our tree is all decorated. Our house smells wonderfully of pine/fir tree. D has been spending countless hours watching the train go around and around and backwards and around again. K has been a general nuisance knocking train cars off the track like the baby-zilla she is. Roy and D have been scooping up pine needles with the front end loader and depositing them in the dump truck for removal. It has been a very busy weekend indeed.


Melanie said...

The tree DOES look perfect. Good Job on the picking.

We have a baby-zilla as well. We have, finally, managed to remove all of the "reachable" ornaments and they are now out of reach.

What would Christmas be without broken toys and exchanges. I'm glad they had another one.

Wendy said...

Ahhh, how I miss real tree farms. That was our annual tradition when we lived out there. Now, we head to Home Depot to find one that looks like it might live until Christmas, which it never does. I am so jealous! The tree looks great and I love the train set-nice touch!