Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer
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Monday, April 6, 2009

A Glowing Tribute

The moving is done. The boxes are unpacked (mostly). The old place is cleaned and checked out. And none of that could have been done without TONS of help from some good friends. So here is a tribute to those people who have truly served my family this last week.

The Jensens. They have been right on board from the get go. As soon as Roy mentioned that we would moving to a smaller place but may need some place to store some of our stuff, the Jensens were right there offering half of their garage for our use. The absolutely refuse to take any payment. It is a huge help to not have some of our larger pieces of furniture in this place that has no room. Joe was also the first one to show up to help us move. He worked hard all morning getting us moved while his wife got their family packed as they were leaving town that very day for a week away.

The Butlers. Dannelle was so awesome she didn't even wait for me to call and ask for her help. Saturday morning she called me to see when Neil should come to help with the move. She also made us dinner that night. It was so so nice to not have to cook dinner (yeah, right, we would have taken our tired sweaty bodies to a restaurant). As I was going to pick up dinner, I began thinking about how we didn't have any dishes to use yet and what was I going to do. Not only did Dannelle provide dinner, but she also included the necessary dished to eat the dinner! So thoughtful! Then, not two days later she watched the kids for some time in the morning so Roy and I could clean out our old place. It was so awesome for her to step up so much.

The Scribbens. These people watched my kids. All day. Then another day too. They still talk to us. They even still answer the phone when we call. Seriously, on the day of the move the kids were at the Scribben's house for at least 10 hours! They have 3 small kids of their own. Ben was working so it was just Katie. They fed our family on Friday night and Monday night. Katie took the kids in the afternoon when Roy and I were still cleaning up and checking out of the old place. Ben helped Roy assemble and position furniture. Did I mention, THEY (okay, in fairness by they, I mean Katie) WATCHED MY KIDS FOR PROBABLY 14-15 HOURS OVER TWO DAYS?!

Sean, who helped us move on Saturday and was willing to come back Sunday or Monday or whenever. (If only Roy would have called...)

These people made this move possible. Really. I could not have accomplished what I did without the babysitting especially. It's not that my kids aren't good kids. It's just that they're kids. They have to eat, nap, poop, etc. I am so grateful for those people who helped out. I want to be more helpful to my friends and neighbors because that is really the only way to 'pay back' service. You just have to 'pay it forward'.

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