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Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Seeking Input

I love this wall hanging from I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar.  I have been wanting to do it for some time but I don't want the quote she used.  It is a good quote and if I didn't have a different favorite I would totally use it.  However, I love the following quote from Marianne Williamson.  So I spent some time and made my own file to print.  I'm looking for input from you to tell me what I should change or leave the same.  I've been looking at it for so long I think I've become desensitized to it.  Also, I'm not very good at imagining what it will look like on a 2x3 foot print.
So there you have it.  What should I do?


Carol said...

I think you should do it........and I think it will look good 2x3......And, of course, we want to see a picture when it's done.

Melanie said...

That quote is one of my very favorites.

I. LOVE. IT!!!!!

Can I copy it? PLEASE?!?!

I'll totally give you credit...of course.

D. Hollister said...

I love the quote. Are you going to frame it or ????

Chari said...

I LOVE IT!!! I like your version better than then one the other blog showed of this quote. I think it looks great..anyway you can get me a copy? ;-)

Way to go!

Chari said...

Ok, I just looked at it one more time and saw one little thing I might change, if it's not too difficult. (I have no idea how hard it is to make changes!) At the bottom where it says "give other people permission to do the same." Is there anyway you can center that or change the font size to fill out or balance that line better? Just a thought...but it really looks great!