Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer
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Monday, July 8, 2013

Blood, Sweat and Tears. But mostly blood.

Today I actually did mommy summer school with the kids like I've been planning. Drops of Awesome people, drops of awesome. Then we headed out for day one of swimming lessons. The girls haven't had lessons since last summer. Their teachers both remembered them though. I just have to say that A did astoundingly great! She tends more to the fearful side of things and I have a hard time getting her to do stuff in the water. Allison, her swim teacher, was able to get A to float on her back (with help) and kick her legs. In fact, I think A did pretty much everything her teacher asked. This is a HUGE leap from last year where grandma had to get in with her just to keep her in the water!
K has become something of a water bug so she did fine. The only reason she isn't in level 3 is because she needs more practice to be able to float and swim longer distances. D is also pretty good and in level 4. However, today they were learning to dive and D refused to do it. "I don't want to learn to dive." Very frustrating.
The rest of the day progressed very normally - playing, eating, playing and playing. This afternoon my mom got my little brother's missionary email of the week. In it, he told them he would be coming home August 13. This is 6 weeks earlier than they expected him. It's all honorable, there's just been some changes in the way they do the transfers and this is how it worked out for him. So now we're looking down the barrel at him being home and thinking about summer plans accordingly.
D and I were looking at the calendar on the wall discussing plans for the summer. Grandma walked over with a knife in her hand. She was trying to be safe with it and carried it down by her side - pointing at the floor. As we talked, D kicked his foot up behind him - directly on the point of the knife. It was a good clean cut that immediately started bleeding which caused D to immediately start freaking. I believe we can rule out "Doctor" as a future career choice. He really hates to see blood, especially his! He is fine but it is sore. We debated taking him in to the doctor but decided not to. As far as we can estimate the blade went in pretty far - perhaps 3/4 of an inch. But like I said, it is a clean smooth cut that bled immediately but stopped after we applied pressure.
While grandma was trying to calm D down (honestly, shock was becoming a bigger concern than the cut), I went back to the stove because we had some food cooking for dinner. I looked out the back window over the sink to see A sitting on the trampoline crying. I figured it had to do with the puppy in the backyard that A is afraid to get near. However, when I hollered out the window to see what was wrong she held up her hand that was bleeding. What?! Turns out she had stuck her finger in the pop can she was holding and cut down between her fingers. People, could we just stop with the injuries?
So tonight everyone is well and sleeping peacefully. I’m glad none of the injuries were worse than they were. It was a bit of tearful chaos around here for a while though!

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Melanie said...

Oh boy....what adventures you've had. I cringed thinking about the knife cut...ugh.