Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer
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Sunday, November 8, 2009


This weekend we spent some time at my Grandma and Grandpa's house. I want to record some stories from the kids. Feel free to read and enjoy.

Grandpa asked K if she was ready to lay down. Being 2 she said,"NO!" Being a worn out Grandpa, he laid down on her sleeping bag and promptly fell asleep. One thing you should know about my dad is that he tends to jump out of his skin when he gets woken up in even pleasant ways. So imagine how high he must have jumped with K jumped on top of him and woke him up! Great-Grandpa likes to tell this story and smiles when he tells how K just "laughed and laughed".

K woke up in the wee hours of the morning. She came to bed with me. About half an hour later I woke up to feed A. As I was feeding A, K was still awake and talking to me. She heard a noise and asked, "Issa cow?" (it's a cow?)
"No, its a rooster."
"Issa sooser?" she asked.
"Yes, a rooster."
Then she would lay there until the rooster crowed again. "Issa sooser."
She started asking me, "Dudin sleepy?"
"Yes, Uncle Justin is sleeping."
"D sleepy?"
"Yes, D's sleeping."
Silence for a moment then, "BUDDY SLEEPY?" (Very loud and excited like) (Buddy is Great-Grandpa's dog.)
"Yes, Buddy's sleeping."
It seems that everyone was sleeping but the 'soosers', K, her 'sisser' and me!

K was petting Great-Grandpa's dog. I asked, "Is that a dog?" Her response? "No, issa Buddy!"

Sunday, D slept in and stayed home with Great-Grandma while the rest of us went to church. When we got back, we started packing to head home. I asked if he was ready to go. He said, "No I want to stay for one more whole day!"

Great-Grandma asked Grandma, "How much does he read?" (referring to D). While D was staying with Great-Grandma, she got out a small box of cereal for him. He looked at it and told her, "I don't really want Banana-Nut Cheerios. I just want regular Cheerios." Great-Grandma was surprised at him knowing they were Banana-Nut Cheerios.

D is a particular child. He also loves trains. We took a train set down to Great-Grandma's house. While everyone was at church, D asked Great-Grandma to build a train track with him but she HAD to read the directions and do it right. (She couldn't read the directions so he waited until everyone got home.)

Saturday night we had a party for one of my uncle's at my grandma's house. My uncle has several kids who also have kids. One of the boy's is 10 years old. He was AWESOME with D. At first D was hiding under a table being shy. His cousin came and just kept playing with him until they were both running around like crazy, madmen. I love to see other kids being nice to my kid, ya know?

A was loved by all. I went to Time Out for Women (more to come on that later!) with 8 other wonderful women. Aunt Sue (who is practicing to become a grandma herself!) particularly enjoyed holding A. She would take A to the back and bounce her when she was fussy and snuggle her to put her to sleep. Grandma Pyatt snuggled her while she took a nap. Really, it's gotta be great to be a baby!

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Natalie said...

Your kids sound wonderful! Don't you just love the things that are fascinating to them!