Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Today was a great day. In a lot of ways it was just like any other Sunday, but there were some special differences. During Sacrament meeting, they invited the primary kids up to sing on the stand. I was scrambling around helping K get on her boots (because they never stay on through the meeting!) when the kids started walking by our bench. This was all the invitation A needed. She took off with the crowd and headed up to the stand. She made it to the middle of the podium before I managed to snatch her up and head back to our seats. K went up and stood next to her friends from her class. D opted to stay in his seat next to Roy and not go up. It was really fun to see K up there. She didn't sing, but she stood very nicely and only waved once. So sweet!

During the third hour of church the Priesthood brethren had made special arrangements to cover all the primary classes and young women so that all the women could attend Relief Society where the Bishop taught a fantastic lesson about mothers and women. They also handed out Haagen-Daz ice cream bars. It was great!

After church, D gave me the gifts he made at school. He's been very secretive about them, telling me to not look in his backpack and such. He gave me a nice card (not handmade) and a bracelet that we've decided I can use for a necklace. He strung beads together on an elastic. It was a lot of fun for him to point out his favorite beads. I wore it for a few hours this afternoon. Best of all was the book he made about his mom. It was illustrated with great care and detail. It says:
"My mom is as sweet as me."
"My mom is as strong as my dad."
"My mom is as smart as me."
"My mom is (as) sweeter (as) than anyone." (He crossed out the two 'as')
My favorite illustration is the smart one. He drew a picture of himself as well as a picture of me and wrote the word "Ding" over each of our heads.
"You know, like we both got an idea!"

Roy cooked dinner and cleaned up the kitchen after. He made lasagna in his dutch oven. He also made 2 loaves of bread. D and K took one to our next door neighbor for Mother's Day. They love to do that stuff!

We also had some good friends visit. They moved to Colorado a little over a year ago but were back in town visiting family. They came by for a few hours. It was great to pick up like no time had passed. We have kids in the same age range and all the adults get along really well. It is so fun to have good friends.

I feel very blessed to be the mother of three wonderful children. I'm grateful that the Lord has trusted me to take care of His children. What a blessing to be a mother!

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Melanie said...

So fun. I'm glad you had such a good day. Me too.