Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer

Our Family Photographer
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


We've been in Delta for over a week now.  There's been swimming lessons every morning for the girls and swimming almost every afternoon/evening for everyone.  I'm getting mighty sick of the pool!  The girls, however, are loving it.  K started out totally afraid of getting her face wet.  She loves to play in the water as long as her face stays above water.  A major hurtle for her this week was getting past that.  Turns out, we did.  Its funny what swimming twice a day will do for a girl.  She is becoming quite the little fish!  Her sister on the other hand -- not so much with the overcoming of hurdles.  She is still afraid to get her face wet and doesn't like to float on her back or anything her teacher tells her to do.  Grandma gets in the water every morning with her - bless her heart - to try and encourage A and help her feel comfortable.  It helps but there's still along way to go.
We're missing the county fair back home while we're up here so it seemed perfectly right to take girls to the Millard County Fair this weekend.  It really doesn't compare to the fair at home but we did get to see a ventriloquist act, clowns and a magician.  The clowns made some awesome balloon animals for the girls that they LOVE.
A's is a "scary lion" and K's is a blue cat.
I also let them get a glitter tattoo on their arms that they were both very proud of.  A's is a blue butterfly that you can almost see part of in the above picture.  She wouldn't let me take a picture of it.  Only her animal.  K was only too happy to pose for a photo op with her tattoo.
Another cat - this one wearing a crown.  Princess Cat.
Mom and I have both spent a lot of time preping and painting the playroom in her basement.  I wish we'd taken before and after photos but we didn't.  Let me just say that the playroom has only been painted once and that was when it was finished when I was in grade school.  We've been working on a plan to make the playroom more playable so the kids will want to play down there instead of in some upstairs rooms where they aren't supposed to go.  We'll see how it works!  Either way, it will be a more fun and accessible room.
Monday we took a little trip.  Grandma and Grandpa B had purchased tickets to take the kids to see Aladdin at Tuacahn in St. George Monday night.  We went to swimming lessons in the morning and drove to St. George in the afternoon.  We had to meet D at his other grandparents house.  He was less than thrilled to see us.  He has been having such a great time playing with his cousins, swimming at pool with his grandpa and spending time with his grandma.  He really did not want to leave.  We worked though it, talked to daddy on the phone, made plans for the few days he would have in Delta before we drove home and generally tried to cheer him up.  It sort of worked.
Aladdin was very well done.  Which is what one expects from Taucahn.  If you ever have the chance to go to a play there, I recommend you do it.  It is a fabulous outdoor stage set against the red cliffs of southern Utah.  It was a little loud for K and A was a bit scared at first but they all enjoyed it.  Toward the end the kids started to get bored a bit.  But considering it was a 3-4 hour deal, they did great.  Afterward K got to chat with some of the cast and got her playbook signed.
A fairly blurry picture of my kids, Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie.
Our very own Jasmine and Aladdin!
After an exciting morning of shopping at the St. George Costco, we headed home.  We had stayed at my Grandparents house last night.  It is always good to visit them and the kids were mostly chatty and nice too.  That's always a plus!
Starting tomorrow, more swimming.  Yea!

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I'm jealous you are in Utah. What fun. So awesome to be with family.