Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tour de Utah

Friday, A and I drove to Utah.  She is a trooper.  She watched some Barney on the DVD player but mostly wanted to look out the window or sleep.  Seriously, a mom could not ask for a better traveling companion.
We made it to Draper where we stayed with a good friend from back in the college days, Sarah.  She and her family were so good to us.  Her boys were excited to play with A.  We stayed up late visiting and playing.  In the morning, Sarah made suckers for A to take to the party we were going to.  A loved this!  Then we walked down the street to visit the neighborhood zebra.  Really.  

Checking out the zebra by Sarah's house because, you know, everyone has zebras!
A and I had to get going because we were meeting a bunch of friends from high school for a party in Lehi.  It was so great to see everyone.  Some of those people I haven't seen for nearly 5 years!  I will post this picture only if you promise to pretend like the face I'm making is totally normal.  Seriously though, we had so much fun.  We really need to get together like this more than once every 10 years or so.
Unfortunately Jentry had a phone call and missed the photo.
After the party, A and I jumped back in the car for a trip to St. George.  We met up with D and K after nearly 2 weeks of separation.  It was nice that K ran over to give me a hug when I finally got there.  D stayed on his barstool eating dinner.  He was happy to see me but afraid I was the signal he had to leave and he wasn't ready for that yet.  K on the other hand wanted to make sure I didn't leave without her.  A was so happy to see both D and K she was like a wiggly new puppy.  She really missed her big brother and sister.
We stayed the night at my SIL's house down the way from my in-laws' condo.  Her youngest is a girl D's age.  They really had a great time together.  They "camped" out in the family room together, L on the couch and D on the floor.  K and A both wanted to sleep in the room with me.  K really didn't want to let me too far out of sight.  A gets that way too when we are in a new place.  In fact, A ended up joining me in bed sometime during the night.  
We went to church with Tara and her girls this morning.  After church the kids had a really good time playing, eating popcorn and riding the zip line Uncle Chris installed in their backyard.  D and L probably spent most of the day out there.
We headed back to Grandma's house for dinner and some quality grandma time before the girls and I left for Delta.  Both girls start swim lessons tomorrow morning so we needed to get into town.  D was glad to stay.  He will spend the week in St. George with Aunt Tara and Grandma Pyatt.  Should be a good time!
K wasn't too sure about the zip line but she finally decided it was okay.
Slow start but then D was a ziplinin' fool!  He couldn't get enough!
A --a little less enthusiastic than her siblings.
Finally in Delta tonight.  It has been a really great weekend full of wonderful people I rarely get to see but A and I have logged a lot of miles over the last 3 days.  It will be nice to be settled for a week or so before we head back down to get D.

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Bennett, Katie, and Co. said...

you went through Utah and didn't stop by! Boo!!! Glad you had fun!