Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer
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Friday, June 14, 2013

End of Kindergarten

Somehow it just doesn't seem possible that K is at the end of Kindergarten.  And yet, here we are.  This week K had her Kindergarten field trip and promotion ceremony.
First the field trip on Tuesday.  The kindergartners at K's school all go to the local children's museum.  It is a really fun place.  I was wishing I could have gone but I didn't want to leave Colin and he's not welcome on a field trip. I was really sad and still feel sad that I didn't get to go on K's field trip.  Fortunately, my friend Heather went with her son and she took a few pictures for me.

When K bounded off the bus after the field trip, she had her face painted like a warrior.  I forgot there is a self face painting area that K had made good use of.  She'd painted war paint on her face.  That's so like her!  Depending on when I asked I got different answers for what her favorite part was.  Once she told me she got to brush a huge pretend alligator's teeth.  Another time she told me it was the clay room.  She also like the digging room where you could find bones but they didn't come up.  Obviously she had fun in the water room.  Basically, it was a great time.

Thursday morning was the "Kindergarten Promotion Ceremony".  I liked that we just met in the classroom and it was only K's class.  Each class did their own ceremony rather than all the classes together like when D was in Kindergarten.  The kids were all lined up at the front of the room and sang two songs about going into first grade.  Then they each walked across a red carpet to shake hands with their teacher and receive their certificate.  It was so cute!  I only have a blurry photo from K receiving her certificate but I got a good video which is actually better in this case.
K's class getting ready to sing.  She's on the far left side in the front.
Blurry shot of receiving her certificate.
The little graduate!
Best buds! A was so excited to be there with K.
K with her teacher.  Ms. Carney has been so great! We love her!
Tristan -- K's kindergarten crush.
K's best friends.
 Funny Story:
Tristan (shown above) has sat on K's table all year long.  He is such a cute boy and K has not failed to notice!  She has had a little crush on him all year.  His mom has helped out in the classroom quite a bit and thinks K is just adorable.  She thinks K's crush on her son is sweet.  They've obviously talked about K at their home because Tristan's mom was pointing K out to her husband, "That's K! She's just so adorable." She also introduced K to her mom (Tristan's grandma).  She also told me a story about when they were on the bus to go on the field trip K was sitting on the seat behind Tristan and his mom.  K and her friends were chanting, "Tristan is a cutie pie! Tristan is a cutie pie!"  His mom thought that was so cute and turned around to take a picture.  Tristan wasn't as thrilled.  You can see in the picture he wasn't keen on being in a picture.  K was holding him there so his mom and I could take pictures.

Also, I forgot but this happened on June 9:
Love the toothless smile!

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