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Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hey! How's the house going?

I'll tell you how the house is going. I STILL LIVE IN THE MOLDY CREEK APARTMENTS. How's that for an update. I love banks. seriously.

When we applied for a loan:
Us: "How long does it usually take to close?"
Them: "Oh, we close in 30 days. We have all this blah de blah and yadda yadda so we can close in 30 days."
Us: "Nice."

So now today, I am celebrating the 37th day of our loan lock. Yippee! Happy day 37 to me! Now, I know that many of you are out there thinking, "37 days, big deal." IT IS A BIG DEAL PEOPLE! We are going to start the rainy season here soon and I do not want to get locked in my apartment by overgrown mold! Besides, the mildew smell is bad enough without it being rainy season!

I have all my remodel plans figured out because we are doing some light remodeling before moving in. We are cleaning (serious-hire-a-professional-because-those-people-were-dirty-cleaning), painting (because as much as I love the mauve doors and dark green toilet cave they have to go) and redoing the floors (indoor dog. need I say more?)
So we will have laminate floors in the kitchen/dining/entry space and new carpet through out the rest of the house. I could use some advice about main interior color. Roy votes white so he has lost all voting privileges.

Instead of fighting with blogger in this particular post, I will post pictures in a post below this one. If you have any great ideas for what I should do with the large living space please let me know. If any of you have super interior decorating ideas, feel free to share. Or better yet, you can always COME on over and visit my new house with me! What a great idea!


Richins Family said...

I saw the pictures, it looks great! Read the post, believe me, seen plenty of those problems when I did Real Estate, I know it's not fun, had problems with my own closing (just taking longer, nothing else), and so I understand. I really think that 30days is NOT the rule, but the exception, it takes FOREVER, espcially when it is YOU waiting. You just want to be done! I am sorry, hopefully your most recent post is true! Anyways, for a paint color. Our home is a tan, very netural, but matches everything with off white trim and ceilings. My neighbors put a soft yellow in their new home and I really like it too. Very relaxing!

Valerie said...

I totally LOVE how you write! 'Roy votes white so he's lost all voting privileges'.

Just Freakin' Awesome.

Man, I miss you.

I like the tan idea, goes with everything without being white.

Macey said...

Love the house!!! Roy and Ryan are definitely from the same family. It took me YEARS and our second home before I convinced Ryan there were other colors besides white in the world. Tannish colors are great neutral colors. You also can do an accent wall with that. So many opportunities. Tommy helped me get passed the paint scare. She said, seriously Macey, it's just paint. It can be painted over again. Ask Roy, I'm sure he'll remember painting my kitchen cabinets BRIGHT PINK. To his credit, I completely blame his older brother.