Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer
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Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools! and a story

I like to do fun things for April Fool's day. I'm not much for actual pranks although maybe when the kids get a little bigger I'll try some fun stuff. For now, I don't think it is worth it. I went ahead and made cupcakes this year. I got the idea from my favorite food blog, First we have mashed potatoes and gravy. These look real enough that Roy thought I had really put mashed potatoes on a cupcake. Ew.

Next, peas and carrots. Again, D thought they were real peas and carrots and wouldn't eat one. Not even when his sister was picking the candy off the top and eating it.

Finally, spaghetti with a meatball. These are the least realistic, mostly because I don't have a piping bag to make the noodles with.

I also made red Jello and let it set in cups for the kids to 'drink'. Before dinner I had them out on the counter and K came in to get a drink. She picked one right up and tried to suck from the straw in the cup. Poor girl. It took her a few seconds to figure that one out.

D had the idea to make water look like apple juice to trick daddy. It probably would have worked if it wasn't for D being so excited about it. He kept telling Roy, "Daddy, we made you a special drink. It might be apple juice but it might be water! You won't know until you try it." You know, to really trick Roy I should have made apple juice.

While I was cleaning up and getting dinner ready, I let the girls play in the back yard. We have a fence all the way around with gates that are locked so they can't get out. As I was working, I noticed several cars slowing down/stopping at our intersection. I decided to go investigate since my kids were outside -- even though they were in the backyard, right? Heh. right.

A nice lady was holding A when I came out and asked if she were my kid. D was standing right there all non-chalant. Of course I said yes and took A. The lady explained that A had been walking in the field behind our house. I was concerned, thanked the lady and took A inside.

A few moments later went downstairs for something and noticed that K was not in the sandbox. So I started looking for her, not too worried since she hadn't been outside with A and D. After not finding her in the house or yard, I asked the neighbor boy who was playing basketball if he had seen her. He said no. We both started looking around the neighborhood. He found her in the trees behind the field behind our house. She had felt lost and was terrified.

Once I got her calmed down I was finally able to piece together the whole story. It involved about 50 rules being broken which provided a GREAT object lesson about WHY WE HAVE THESE RULES!

Turns out that D had gone in the backyard and unlocked the gate. (No-no #1). Then he had left the gate open for his sisters. (No-no #2). Then he had left the yard to go behind the house and his sisters had followed. (No-no #3). They both failed to inform me that the baby had escaped. (No-no #4). They walked a good 100 feet to the trees behind our house. (No-no #5). D left K in the trees when he came home. (No-no #6).

Fortunately everyone was safe. No one was lost or injured. It really could have turned out much worse.

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