Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Our Cat Friday

Wathcing TV like any reasonable PsychoCat.
Okay, given my last post about Friday you may think we don't actually like our cat.  You would be wrong.  We do like Friday.  She has so much personality.  That is what makes her Psycho the Wonder Cat.  One of her favorite pasttimes is riding in cars.  Or it would be if we would let her ride as much as she wanted.  She jumped into cars any chance she got.  It finally got to the point that if I was in a hurry I would let her ride along because trying to get a cat out of a minivan takes time.  Lots of time.  And sometimes a big stick.  Okay, maybe not the stick part. 
The other day when we went to the zoo, my friend drove so there had to be some carseat manuvering and stroller stowing and such.  Friday was so underfoot the ENTIRE time.  In fact, she jumped in the underbasket of the folded up stroller and I had to shake her loose.  Frustrating -- in a funny cat kind of way. 
This weekend, Friday went for a ride with my neighbor's mom because she jumped in the car and sat on the dashboard.  My neighbor's mom decided, "Sure, why not."  Friday stayed on that dashboard for the whole ride until the end.  She loved the movement and watching out the window. 
There was the time when I took her in the car to Target.  She stood on the passenger seat with her hind legs and had her front legs on the door so she could watch out the window.  She was intensly curious all. the. time. 
Alright, this post keeps switching from present to past tense.  I just don't want to say it but Friday died today.  She was only about 5 months old.  Her love of vehicles trumped her fear of moving wheels and she got ran over.  By me.  In the garage.  Ugh.  I feel terrible.  It was less than an hour ago that Friday was alive and I wish so much that I could go back and re-do that horrible minute when I pulled into the garage.  The thing is, I didn't even see her.  I don't know if she was laying on the garage floor and just didn't move or if she ran out in front of me.  I am sick.  Ugh.
She loved us totally.  She trusted us completely.  She was even learning not to jump people or climb on the table. I remember one morning when I was leaving and Friday was on the porch.  She watched the van pull out of the driveway through the front slats of the porch and moved to the side to watch us drive up the road.  She seemed so forlorn to be left behind.  That was a cat who wanted to experience life to the fullest.  And now she's gone.  URGH.  WHY DIDN'T SHE RUN AWAY FROM THE WHEELS?!  Why didn't I drive in slower or park on the driveway?!  Stupid cat!!
I'm really going to miss her.


The Harbertson Family said...

...or the times when she would sneak into our open garage into Ryan's office and he would let our a loud yell as she scared him to death by touching her nose on his elbow; or just this morning when I heard Sadie (our dog) give out a loud bark, which she NEVER barks, because somehow, to our surprise, Friday came in and was in our living room, and Sadie didn't care too much for that; or how Makena & K played with her yesterday outside, for hours, and another hour that they carried her wrapped up in a jacket like a baby while she slept; her "helping" me weed last week and she would literally cling her whole body to my arms as I threw tree branches into a pile, or tried to; or watching her jump on footballs and soccer balls being thrown in the front (like she was a dog),; or her hanging from the play structure in the back yard as the kids wait underneath for her to fall; my trying to hang that spider web stuff with her around, yes, challenging...oh man, for her not even being our cat, we are really going to miss her too! We're sorry she's gone. Stupid kitty!

Candi said...

So sorry Sheena!!! That really, really sucks. I'm glad you loved her though - she'll thank you next time she sees you :-)

Candi said... loving her. Not for running her over...

Sheena said...

Thanks for your comments Candi. Your second one actually made me laugh out loud!
Jenn, she was so spunky! Thanks for sharing.

Sheena said...
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Marissa said...

I'm so sorry Sheena. She sure had a lot of personality.