Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Day of Preschool

A is going to preschool this year.  She is the first of any of our kids to go to preschool.  D had no preschooling.  K was part of a co-operative preschool with three other families.  I did the same co-operative preschool with A and three of her friends last year.  This year as I was trying to find people to do co-op preschool with, I wasn't finding the interest.  All of the friends we did it with last year would be attending preschools so they weren't an option.  I was praying for help in finding people who would be a good fit and interested in trading teaching days.  I just kept having a name come to me but I was hesitant to call because I knew her son was going to some preschool somewhere.  Finally I went ahead and called Wendy though.  She referred me to a woman in her ward to has a small preschool in her home.  It is nothing official, not licensed or anything.  She doesn't charge.  She is a retired teacher with many grandchildren in the area.  She started this preschool for them but accepts others who are interested.  A class has 5 kids in it.  Fortunately she knew 3 of them before starting but not very well.
A has been super excited to go to Miss Pam's Preschool, as she calls it.  When people ask A if she's in school she tells them she goes to "Miss Pam's".
She was a bit nervous today.  We visited Pam's house once before school started but this was different.  I was actually going to leave her here today!  I stayed with her for a few minutes to get her started on her first coloring picture.  Once she was coloring, I gave her a kiss and told her good-bye.  She was great.  A gets nervous about new things but she doesn't usually cry or throw a fit.  She just gets really reserved.
When I came back to pick her up she was happy.  She wasn't real chatty but hopefully as she gets more comfortable she'll talk more.

Updated September 12, 2013
Today was the second day of preschool. I was the first one to arrive to pick up my child.  The kids hadn't had time to go outside to play yet.  So when she saw me she was really disappointed.  She told me I was mean because I came to pick her up.  Me thinks she likes preschool!

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