Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

Roy, Sheena, D, K, A, C and L

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Our Family Photographer

Our Family Photographer
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

Yesterday I made turtle pretzels (great pics and tutorial here) for my friend Tyce. Since my oven is broken I went to my neighbor's house and made them. Not only was this better than trying to nuke 'em, but it was also a lot more fun!
We did them in the evening so A was already in bed. D and K went with me to play with the kids -- and play they did. Near the time we were ready to go, I walked over and sat down next to K. She peremptorily told me she was not ready to go yet. I said it would be time soon. Her response, "How 'bout you go home and I stay?" As we were walking home she told me she wanted to "sit by 'kenna at church tomorrow." I believe I mentioned something about we could probably sit near them or something.
Today we walked into church and sat two rows behind them. K promptly walked up to "Sisser Harberson" and announced she wanted to sit with them. Jenn gave K a hug and let her sit next to 'Kenna. I watched K during the Sacrament and it was the absolute MOST REVERENT I have ever seen her be. She stayed in the SAME seat on her bum for nearly the entire meeting! And when she moved it was onto 'Kenna's lap. I think we may have stumbled onto something here....

When church was over it was a mad house. Every child in the primary (and a few from the Elder's Quorum) was bouncing off the walls because there were GIANT snowflakes falling outside. It was beautiful. We don't get alot of snow here and we really don't get it this early in the season. It didn't snow for too long but some of it was sticking.
Roy and I had a little family time in the garage learning how to put on our new snow chains. The snow doesn't warrant it at this point but you never know what tomorrow will bring. Lest you scoff, let me tell you that we live in a city that does not own snow plows. Seriously. Our first year here it snowed and shut down the whole city for days. It was somewhere close to a foot. We drove on chains for a few days.

Roy is giving the cat milk. He seems to think this will make up for the fact that she has to sleep in the garage and it is winter. This is even funnier if you know Roy's take on cats. Plus I've seen the amount of fat and fur that miniture lion has and she'll be fine.

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Melanie said...

How darn cute. BY THE WAY...those pretzel turtles are YUMMY!